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A refined house inspired by your own story


Ethnicraft creates welcoming, refined furniture. Furniture made of solid wood, like the beams of a house spanning the history of your life. Mixing craftsmanship and innovation, the founders of the Belgian brand believe in the emotion that comes from a nicely styled house, the choice of noble materials which improve over time, a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A refined lifestyle that reveals the “way of life” of the flat country, and generally of the countries of the north, which we so like to copy. With Ethnicraft, the house that bears the marks of your personal history to date prepares to follow you into the future.

Sun terrace at the table

Don’t be fooled by appearances, the solar power coming from Belgium is heading our way in style! Check out all the comfort and refinement of indoor furniture for your gardens and terraces. The sculptural elegance of the Bok, Circle and EX 1 collections is magnified by expert craftsmanship that uses the naturally strong, dense properties of solid teak to make durable furniture.

A warm, relaxing lounge

A refined atmosphere to spend a special moment.

Geometric coffee table

Creating the interaction between shapes, this coffee table designed by Alain Van Havre creates surprise and novelty.


A welcoming dining room

The right choice to compose a welcoming, warm interior in your own style.

Beauty comes to your table

Mikado round table

A base reminiscent of the famous game of dexterity, the Mikado round table is available in round, oval, rectangular, extendable and coffee table versions. A lightweight design by Alain Van Havre, recognisable among the thousands of others, for an invitation to joyful reunions.


Slice extending table

Creating the interaction between shapes, this coffee table designed by Alain Van Havre creates surprise and novelty.


Bok chair

A differentiating design to really show off your interior. Alain Van Havre combines elegance and contemporary art in these solid oak chairs with their essential comfort.


Perfect sideboards

Stairs sideboard

In solid oak, this sideboard plays with volumes and optical illusion to reinvent itself according to where you admire it. A jewel as a central part of the living room or dining room, with great storage capacity.


Grooves dresser

Each line that decorates the front of the Groove dresser is hand-carved, making it a unique piece of furniture. So essential. We love the rock, patinated style of its dark stained teak, the delicacy of the base, the large storage capacity offered by this precious sideboard.


Desk and storage

Minimal and studious, the office space fits in with charm and style.

Oscar desk

A minimal look for purists, the Oscar teak desk comes with a metal base with the capacity to accommodate storage boxes and drawers.


M bookcase

The Mondrian-inspired M bookcase has a grid shelf you’ll adore. Made of solid oak, it displays filing cabinets and small objects with warmth and beauty.


The intimate room

Comfort and softness for sublime rest

Spindle bedroom

Bed, bench, bedside table, the Spindle bedroom collection gracefully and elegantly takes up the traditional silhouettes of a comfortable bedroom with a touch of retro. In solid wood, two colours.

Air collection

Softness, roundness and lightness are the hallmarks of this collection for a modern bedroom in light teak.