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The new colours from Fermob

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The new colours from

With its Luxembourg and Monceau collections, Fermob is part of the timelessness of lines and the excellence of production. What distinguishes it from the competition and makes it shine internationally is, of course, the colours! Constantly being renewed to perfectly match the trend, to combine them to produce original garden furniture, Fermob colours metal like no one else! You’ll find the Fermob metal colour chart below, available for the 2020 outdoor season.

Fermob 2020 colours

Springtime’s chic and trendy with Fermob! The brand is unveiling the two latest additions for 2020 to its beautiful palette: Frosted lemon, ice mint and clay grey pastel-colour our year! Also check out the latest Fermob colours that everyone loves: a deep and bewitching Acapulco blue and a warm, natural red ochre. Two refined, irresistible shades to mix as you wish with the rest of the range!

Frosted lemon

Bright and sparkling, the frosted lemon colour is the zest of freshness to start the spring season in style or refresh your decoration under the bright sun.

Ice mint

Pastel freshness, Fermob’s ice mint colour brings softness and zest to the Fermob colour chart. It’s great to combine it with clay grey for an overall frosted, refined effect ― very refreshing!

Clay grey

This warm powdery grey, Fermob colour of the year 2020, brings us closer to nature! Clay grey is a refined and modern shade which can be perfectly combined with warm or cold colours, as you prefer!

Acapulco blue

An intense, deep colour par excellence, Acapulco blue takes us to lush, distant regions. A refreshing, modern colour that goes perfectly with other shades of green and blue. Also for use with carbon grey and plum for an ultra-chic terrace.

Red ochre

An earth colour, powdery and warm, red ochre elegantly dresses garden furniture and offers plenty of combination ideas: A very graphic and modern natural version, it can be mixed with the soft colour of nutmeg and rosemary. For a rather romantic and colourful version, opt for shades of colour, combining it with chilli and nasturtium ― very dynamic.

How to combine Fermob colours?

Perfect on glossy paper, once back home, it’s sometimes difficult to create inevitable colour associations on your garden furniture. Here are some quick Fermob colour tips:

1. Dominant colours

The table, a key element of the composition which will immediately catch the eye, must have the dominant colour. Repeat this colour on at least one of the chairs in your composition.

2. The 3-colour rule

For a gentle harmony between colours, do not choose more than 3 different colours on the same garden set.

3. Shades are in style

For a refined atmosphere with controlled tones, opt for colour shades:

4. Be bold

Want to play it safer? Dare the monochrome look, in one colour, to match with your favourite accessories and textiles, in contrasting colours: that’s chic.

Mix and match: one colour, several collections!

Fermob colours are designed to work together… as well as furniture collections! For example, a Cadiz or La Môme chair will go perfectly with a Caractère table!

The colour chart by Fermob

The colour chart by Fermob
The colour chart by Fermob