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Fermob Spring / Summer 2018

Undeniably seduced, obviously packed! Fermob novelties have met our expectations and have made us want to experience summer at 100%. The brand has nice surprises in store for us: new colours, comfort and togetherness.

Photo Credit: Tom Watson, Maud Chalard, Sébastien Boudot, Claire Curt, Stéphane Rambaud

And the 2018 colours are…

Praline Pink
'Freshness' Trio / 'Pop Plant' Trio

"Freshness" Trio
Lin colour, Praline pink and Nutmeg

"Pop Plant" Trio
Lime green, Praline pink and Verbena

'Warmn' Trio / 'Summer' Trio

"Warm" Trio
Nutmeg, Praline Pink and Carrot

"Summer" Trio
Pepper, Praline Pink and Honey

'Travel' trio / ' Mediterranean' trio

"Travel" trio
Plum, Ocean Blue and Storm grey

"Mediterranean" trio
Turquoise blue, Ocean Blue and Lagoon blue

'Aquatic' trio / 'Modern' trio

"Aquatic" trio
Verbena, Ocean Blue and Lagoon blue

"Modern" trio
Orangey-red, Ocean Blue and Storm grey

Moon Lamp
The new portable lamp!

Moon Lamp

Ultra-light (750g) and suited to outdoor use, Moon is a real portable lamp which can be moved according to your needs, from the house to the garden, from the dining table to bedside table, etc.

Balad Lamp
The accompaniment to your summer evenings

Balad Lamp

This wireless LED lamp can be moved as you like, both inside and outside! Equipped with a metal handle, it can be hung from a tree branch or turn into a floor lamp by attaching it to the base from the same collection.


Bellevie Collection
Trend In&Out !

Bellevie Collection

Bellevie also includes modern garden furniture, equally as happy indoors as it is outside. This season, the generous detachable cushions, the covers of which can be removed and are machine washable, are donning a wonderful grey cover.

Made in France / 3-year warranty

Bellevie Collection

The Bellevie collection is expanding! This light and ultra-resistant, aluminium collection breathes togetherness and well-being in the garden and in the living room. This year, the bench with the backrest has made a remarkable entry.


Alone, as a pair, as a trio or even more!

The Cocotte coffee table

This small lightweight (3kg) table can be used indoors or out and can be easily moved from the lounge to your terrace, garden or swimming pool side depending on the temperature and your requirements. Do not misjudge the fine netting structure: Cocotte is very solid and totally stable!

Great for bigger gatherings

The Ribambelle table

With its 3 central extension leafs, this wonderful family table can accommodate up to 14 people. Thanks to a telescopic system on bearings, extending becomes simple and fluid.

The Rythmic armchair

The Rythmic armchair plays with transparency; it displays an ethereal and striking design.

The Surprising chair

The Surprising chair is returning in a wonderful teak version!

English landscaped garden

The Somerset bench

Somerset revisits the legendary English bench with a timeless look. Its both traditional and modern form is a real invitation to relax and take your time, alone or as a couple.

The Luxembourg collection
Icon of French-style chic

The Luxembourg Collection

Luxembourg, a best-seller in the Fermob catalogue, is a fabulous collection that offers the lightness and resistance of aluminium and the comfort of a curved board seat. Initially made for gardens of the same name, the Luxembourg collection is the emblem of French design, an expression of the French culture made “Meuble”!

3-year warranty.


Fermob at your service!

Attentive servants, Fermob pedestals will be indispensable from the first sunray…

Fermob at your service!

Add-on parts,
Essential accessories

Equally at home indoors and outdoors, the "Pièces Rapportées" wonderfully accessorises the Fermob furniture. Play with the colours!

Harry Sunlounger
Complete refinement and lightness

The Harry sunlounger

Dive into the comfortable arms of this camp bed-like deckchair, which has all the qualities for absolute relaxation. A very refined form which can count on its solid structure to welcome all sizes. Adjustable backrest with 4 positions.

The star of terraces since 1889

The Bistro Collection

Enter the legend with the Bistro collection: Original since 1889! Timeless and legendary, this foldaway furniture has been a hit for over a century. Solid, lightweight, and quick to fold away, it was the star of terraces in Paris in the 1900s.


Popular garden

The Monceau Collection

The Monceau collection boldly revisits the emblematic furniture of popular gardens. The result: a form with a retro touch which is still practical! Its very affordable price is also worth a special mention!


Relaxation lengthwise, widthwise and from side to side

The Ultra Sofa collection

Behind a sculptural and organic language, Ultrasofa combines exceptional dimensions and great comfort. Created by the designer, Frederic Sofia, this collection required several years of research and development in order to obtain a perfect result.

The reward: Red Dot Award, Product Design 2015 / 2 year warranty

Praise for laziness and lightness

The Alizé Collection

A profile that combines purity and lightness… Alizé attracts with its design and convinces with its extreme comfort. The canvas, treated against U.V. fears neither rain nor sun and remains fresh even in full sun.

Design: Pascal Mourgue
3-year warranty

Sixties Collection
Retro & Glamour

The Sixties Collecton

With its typical 60s look, Sixties fully expresses Fermob’s state of mind, resolutely young and lounge. Light, comfortable and rain and sun resistant, the Sixties armchair is perfect for outdoor use and once summer is over, its trendy design will be a sensation in your living room!

3-year warranty


Croisette Collection
Your summer star

The Croisette Collection The Croisette Collection

With Croisette, Pascal Mourgue is revisiting the rattan furniture of the 50s with joie de vivre and modernity. The straw teak has made space for weaving with dyed synthetic fibres, resistant to bad weather. A light as air (barely 3.2kg) collection, that is very comfortable and designed to last, both indoors and outside.

3 year warranty

Jolie Môme
The Bistro chair revisited!

The La Môme chair

This “Môme” owes its pretty curves to Olivier Gence, an ENSAAMA (School of arts and design) student designer. He won the contest from 58 projects aimed at revisiting the mythical Bistro chair. Respecting its popular soul, with a reference to Edith Piaf, the most Parisian of Parisians, Olivier Gence wanted it modern and mobile; imaging a handle to be folded and unfolded with a simple gesture. Even more welcoming with its more generous boards, it throws a cheeky wink at its illustrious elder.

3-year warranty.

1900 Cabriolet
Return of the Belle Epoque

The 1900 Collection

The 1900 collection, with iron majesty, is characterised by its elegant curls and hand-forged iron rings. This traditional and romantic outdoor furniture represents the art of living in the French garden. But beyond its slender curves typical of the Belle Epoque, the 1900 collection has an astonishing touch of modernity because of the tonic shades of the Fermob colour chart…

3-year warranty


Togetherness the way you want it

The Costa Collection

The aluminum Costa table offers great resistance for a surprising lightness.
L160 cm (closed) / 240 cm (open)

3-year warranty


Timeless elegance

The Dune Collection

Discover the perfect comfort of these cloth seats created by Pascal Mourgue. Dune reflects Fermob’s unique expertise. Two years of refinement were required to achieve the cloth's tension level, which now offers an optimal seat comfort and is patented by Fermob.

You are staying for dinner, aren’t you?

The Biarritz Extending table

This large outdoor table is THE family table par excellence. Biarritz is clever and can go from 2 to 3 metres in seconds thanks to its 2 lateral extensions and can easily seat up to 14 guests!

3-year warranty

The square or rectangular Caractère foldable table

An opulent looking top, an XXL friendly format, a base with no impediment for your legs, easy to fold, easy to transport (thanks to its handle), easy to store, essentially easy-going! The Caractère is a table that keeps on giving!

Cultivate your style with Fermob!

The Basket flowerpot

Meet Basket: a flowerpot as pretty as it is practical, with vivid colours that will brighten up our terraces and balconies!

The Terrazza flowerpot

The 3 heights of the Terrazza flowerpots let you create real urban gardens. You can move these practical pots easily, to keep your plants in the light!

Kids also see life from the Fermob perspective

The Kids Collection

A unique 24-colour colour chart to be combined based on your desires!

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