Flos : Eternal sparkle

Flos : Eternal sparkle
Eternal sparkle

Sophisticated, poetic and sensitive, the famous Italian lighting manufacturer Flos never ceases to amaze us with its cultural approach to light! Constantly exploring new languages, the design house transforms technology into emotion, revealing the true essence of light. Philippe Starck, Achille Castiglioni, the Bouroullec brothers, Michael Anastassiades… A look back at the many collaborations that, since 1962, have built this exceptional success story!

Brand values


Sustainable innovations

Flos for the planet, these are actions beyond words! A vector of the link between craftsmanship and innovation, Flos designs sustainable lighting in an eco-responsible way of thinking centred on the circular economy, reducing the carbon footprint, minimising energy consumption and improving production processes.


Historical icons

Often rewarded and honoured by the greatest museum collections, the icons by Flos have revolutionised lighting and continue to defy the years with their timeless genius. Designed as a cultural vector spanning the ages, it reveals the true essence of light.


Creative audacity

From Achille Castiglioni to the Bouroullec brothers via Michael Anastassiades and Patricia Urquiola, the Italian firm has forged extraordinary ties with the greatest designers in the world. This pledge of creative quality and perpetual renewal pushes the boundaries of what’s possible to create new languages in support of luminous poetry.

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Almendra collection, luminous nature

Almendra collection - FosAlmendra collection - FosAlmendra collection - Fos

A technological feat with a poetic aesthetic, this new collection of modular pendants with organic shapes is the work of talented designer Patricia Urquiola. Almendra is inspired by the lightness of an almond tree in its shape and colour range. 100% repairable and recyclable, the aluminium structure and modules in pine oil polycarbonate are full of finesse for innovative optical guidance.

Nature teaches us a lot, it’s perfectly circular, it’s capable of self-maintenance. This is our research horizon, and we, who want to talk about wonder, ecology, living together and open-mindedness, must try to study and draw inspiration from it”, Patricia Urquiola

265 Chromatica wall light

Reissued in its original colours, the 265 Chromatica wall light by Paolo Rizzatto “helps improve the human experience of an architectural space”. Its perfectly functionalist look and strictly formal humility give the impression of aesthetic neutrality. Having become a design classic, this industrial design wall light continues to stand the test of time!

MayDay outdoor portable lamp

Designed in 2000 by the unmistakable Konstantin Gric 2000, the Mayday portable lamp, raised to the rank of design icon, now comes in an outdoor version. Made of recycled polypropylene from industrial waste, it has an industrial, playful, relaxed look, whose hook authenticates its functional, decorative place.

Oblique collection

If light were a tangible material, it would take the form of the Oblique collection. This ultra-powerful direct lighting was made possible by the development of a patented asymmetrical optical technology specifically designed to generate this light beam. Unequalled visual comfort that remains even and non-dazzling in its table lamp version or with the new floor lamp version.

Luminator floor lamps

Flos continues its line of reissues by maestro Castiglioni with the Luminator floor lamp created in 1954, which would be his first Compasso d'Oro. This piece, as modernist as it is ultra-contemporary, highlights the designer's obsession with simplicity in support of functional legibility, whose intense simplicity allows great functional legibility.

Chromatica, wall lamp with socket 265Chromatica, wall lamp with socket 265 - Flos

Chromatica, wall lamp with socket 265

Mayday outdoor version portable lamp - Flos

Mayday outdoor version portable lamp

Oblique LED floor lamp - Flos

Oblique LED floor lamp

Luminator floor lamps - Flos

Luminator floor lamps

The icons

Achille Castiglioni,
A head full of thoughts

He was one of the most important designers of the 20th century, whose timeless creations still light up our interiors and the most prestigious collections of international museums with passion. During his debut in Milan, Achille Castiglioni, in partnership with his brothers Livio and Pier, collaborated on architectural projects by the eminent Ettore Sottsass. Their practice is gradually being transformed by the proliferation of projects with new design houses such as Flos, who are turning the world of design upside down. While the Italian design house is largely marked by its collaboration with the Castiglioni brothers as evidenced by these collections dotted with icons, we can tell you how these editions and reissues have left their mark on our history. An exceptional combination of inventions and production methods to install at home to best show off your collector's interior.

All his designs


Arco - FlosArco - FlosArco - Flos

Telescopic light, Arco – 1962


Snoopy - Flos

Perfect balance, Snoopy – 1967


Taccia - Flos

Projector beacon, Taccia – 1962


Lampadina - Flos

Sparkling reel, Lampadina – 1972


Parentesi - Flos

Weighted installation, Parentesi – 1971

The collections


IC and Captain Flint collection,
luminous jewels

An art deco feel for these refined, minimalist collections composed of a blown glass sphere or metal cone which balance cleverly on a thin metal frame. A true indoor gem, Michael Anastassiades is inspired by the art of juggling, to capture that moment when, as if by magic, the balls seem perfectly still.

AIM pendant,
plant graphics

Graphic and joyous, the AIM pendant creates a tangle of threads in space that seem to spread and grow like lianas. By reducing this light to the very essence of what a pendant is - a cable and a light diffuser - the Bouroullecs bring life, poetically, to an unusual lamp with strong graphic impact.

Miss K lamp,
Haute couture line

Very trendy and more elegant still, the Miss K lamp is now available in black. This bestseller by Philippe Starck for Flos is a reinterpretation of the classic lamp. The famous designer demonstrates once again the immensity of his talent: Miss K is a real gem. The materials are worked with art for a completely astonishing play of light.

IC and Captain Flint collection - FlosIC and Captain Flint collection - FlosIC and Captain Flint collection - FlosIC and Captain Flint collection - Flos

IC and Captain Flint collection

AIM pendant - Flos

AIM pendant

Miss K table lamp - Flos

Miss K table lamp


Bellhop cordless lamp - FlosBellhop cordless lamp - FlosBellhop cordless lamp - Flos

Bellhop cordless lamp

The Bellhop go-anywhere lamp

With its charming, compact design and apparent simplicity, the Bellhop cordless lamp is nonetheless extremely powerful... It recharges in 3 hours, offers four light levels and up to 24 hours of battery life!

In Vitro

This contemporary, refined version of the traditional lantern designed by Philippe Starck gives glass a poetic functionality. It becomes a capsule onto which the light is projected, the source of which cannot be seen, and brings great lightness to the In Vitro portable lamp.
This little go-anywhere lamp melts perfectly into the space to add new points of light and spread its conviviality through your exterior and interior.

Last Order

Designed by contemporary design goldsmith Michael Anastassiades, the Last Order portable lamp was created to bathe the tables of the Four Seasons in New York with light. A great partner to have in subdued surroundings, it combines purity and ultimate chic with these precious finishes. You can move it around as you wish, to become in turn a night light, guide or even a jewel. A must-have for your top tables!

In Vitro cordless lamp - Flos

In Vitro cordless lamp

Last Order cordless lamp - Flos

Last Order cordless lamp


Coordinates collection,
the essence of sculptural simplicity

Composed of simple geometric shapes, these lights are imbued with a strong sculptural dimension. These architectural lamps resemble aerial mobiles, graceful and elegant. A minimal aesthetic that’s no less spectacular for it.

Noctambule collection,
extraordinary lights

Almost invisible by day, the totemic lights of the Noctambule collection become incredibly glamorous at night. The LED lighting diffused from the junctions of each module spreads remarkable light over the entire surface of the glass. Instant fascination for this pure collection.

Arrangements pendants,
fascinating light

This modular, innovative, poetic collection consists of an assembly of geometric light elements. Arrangements pendants decorate the space in a masterful way.

Coordinates Collection - FlosCoordinates Collection - FlosCoordinates Collection - Flos

Coordinates Collection

Noctambule Collection - Flos

Noctambule Collection

Arrangements Collection - Flos

Arrangements collection


IC floor lamp,
outdoor version

A must-have for your interior, here it is in an outdoor version! Turn your outdoor spaces into real living rooms with this sophisticated, minimalist floor lamp with its Art Deco inspiration. A breath of elegance blows across your terraces and balconies!

Flauta wall light

Ideal for creating a path of light along a wall or facade, the Flauta wall lamp lighting upside down is specially designed for outdoor use. It owes its creation to designer Patricia Urquiola, who was inspired by organs and flutes to design this pure form with its rigorous, elegant look. Why not dress your walls with real jewels?

Ipnos table lamp,
the lantern revisited

After eliminating all superfluous elements of the classic lantern, a simple metal structure remains, supporting invisible light sources. A void that fills the space around it. In the evening, transparent and light, it creates an intimate atmosphere without breaking the charm of the night.

IC floor lamp, outdoor version - Flos

IC floor lamp, outdoor version

Ipnos lamp - Flos

Ipnos lamp

Flauta wall light - Flos

Flauta wall light


Achille Castiglioni

Philippe Starck

Konstantin Grcic

Michael Anastassiades

Erwan et Ronan Bouroullec

Jasper Morrison

Patricia Urquiola

Antonio Citterio

Piero Lissoni

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