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Hygge: The art of cocooning

From the first cold periods, who knows how to cocoon properly better than the Scandinavians? They even invented a word for this: hygge, or the art of taking time for yourself, in the warm! The principle is simple: a soft seat, a gentle light, a cosy blanket, a mug of tea and a moment to savour. Who says that idleness is a crime?

Tip 1

A cosy sofa or a padded seat

Take your place in the middle of a soft and generous seat! Pouffes, armchairs, sofas, footrests, daybeads, etc. discover all our must-haves dedicated to absolute comfort and let yourself be carried away!


Tip 2

A gentle and warm light

For complete tranquillity, we are betting on diffuse or indirect lighting. Filament-effect bulbs, opalescent glass and generous shades bathe us in a calm and delicate light.


Tip 3

Rugs, blankets and soft fibres

Cosy up under a mohair blanket and nestle down comfortably among a variety of soft cushions. Discover all our leading products to be all snug and cosy...…


Tip 4

A Zen décor and essential accessories

Finally, give your interior a Zen, pleasant and clean décor. The items take on smooth lines and are formed from natural materials to develop a wonderful feeling of tranquillity. The style can be seen down to the smallest details…