Imperfect shapes and curves

Long live singularity

Curving inspiration, new materials, and irregular shapes… The quest for originality continues and along the way, it reveals design's embracing of a new beauty. An aesthetic with harmonious contours, where furnishings, lighting and decorative pieces distance themselves from the norms and transform interiors into true works of art. Your how-to guide on creating an extra interior!

Roly poly chair by Faye Togood - Driade
Felt Chair by Marc Newson - Cappellini

Curving design

Fluffy furnishings, spherical lighting, tubular decorative pieces… Design is rounding off the corners and infusing leisurely delight into our interiors where round contours, curves and materials come together in looks that are more than easy on the eye. A new, yet understandable, love for reassuring and soft forms… Take a look at this collection which wonderfully demonstrates the notion, pushing the boundaries between art and design.

Taccia table lamp by Achille and Pier Castiglioni- Flos
Kink Vase - Muuto
FPlywood low armchair by Charles & Ray Eames - Vitra
Organic and bubble mirors - Maison Sarah Lavoine

Imperfect shapes

Shapes are coming undone, colours are blending together, and features are switching up… Imperfection is taking its place in design, joyfully joining bold colours and new-generation materials. Lighting, furnishings, decorative pieces… The entire creative sphere is putting its two cents in and responding to a growing call for comfort and re(assurance) with creations offering unfinished curves and organic shapes. Irregularities that add a touch of nostalgic naivety to our interiors and to our daily lives which are (all too often) a little too much on the goody-two-shoes perfectionist side of things!

Tahiti Lamp by Ettore Sottsass - Memphis Milano
Vase W&S Chamber by Wang & Söderström - Hay
Kofi coffee table by Martin Solem and Arcs Vase by Muller Van Severen - Hay
Parade table lamp by Jonas Trampedach, Viola Heyn-Johnsen - Hay

New materials

Mirrors, 3D synthesis, extralight glass… High technology meets design, with ever-growing visionary and (re)creative ambitions. New materials are breaking into creations, offering us an aesthetic that boasts a unique expertise and a hypnotising style. A wonderful way to breathe new life into spaces with neo-futuristic collections that inspire dreaming and escapism…

Oyster wall lamp - Ferm Living
Focus X3 pendant by Yuji Okitsu - DCW Editions

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