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Indoor landscapes

Indoors in your garden

Indoor landscapes

When the warm weather arrives, the outdoor space presents itself as a new living room and becomes one with your interior. The boundary blurs, giving rise to a desire to enjoy the sun’s first rays, while windows open to welcome in the charms of nature. The patio, the winter garden, as far as the terrace break down the limits of the range of possibilities. An invitation to dream, so that each space becomes a protective, intimate inner sanctum, a cocoon of well-being that encourages us to venture outside. We’re ready.

Indoor landscapes: bring in the outside world

Garden furniture is back to set up its summer quarters in your home. Ring in the changing season with sustainable design that carries you forward to sunny days: garden furniture, outdoor lighting, jazzy decoration… boldly arrange all your living rooms to bring your home in tune with the freshness of the great outdoors.

Bohemian nature

Blossoming furniture

Abundance in your home! Nature is back with versatile garden furniture that becomes the support and container for plants that spring up. And so you set the scene for a new haven of peace. The shades of green subtly reflect on your objects so that freshness lasts all year round.

Indoor garden

Contemporary patio

Welcoming place

An intimate space on the border between in and out, the patio is a courtyard inspired by traditional Mediterranean houses, an open-air extension of your home sweet home. A truly welcoming place, friendly furnishings like benches placed against a stone wall, are furnished with textile decoration that lords over your space.

Patios & inner courtyards

From in to out: the freedom of an inspiring exterior

Open the windows of your patio wide, banish the spirit of confined spaces. Opening up to the outside inspires the imagination and increases the possibilities: freedom floats like a breath of well-being: colours spring up and fill your space, furniture and lighting invite you to linger and stop counting the hours.

From in to out, we return to our terraces and balconies

Let the colours of your garden shine bright

Extending our intimate sphere, outdoor spaces exhale their colours copied from spring flowers. We find ourselves moving the furniture and lighting to the terrace or balcony for lunch in the company of the sun’s first rays, or a moment of well-deserved relaxation during the extra minutes of twilight.

Terraces and balconies

Relaxing garden furniture

Intimacy wrapped in metal

It's time to create your haven of peace and happiness and design yourself a new living room out on the grass! Garden sofas, designer benches and mountains of cushions create a friendly space reserved for this intimate sphere we hold so dear. A well-deserved invitation to relax once the fine weather arrives.

Garden furniture