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In & Out furniture: looks just as good indoors as out


In & Out furniture
Looks just as good indoors as out

When the good weather arrives, our outdoor spaces come into their own, becoming living spaces in their own right: the furniture, lighting, the increasingly mobile decoration can all move around according to our requirements… We take pleasure in moving our icons around, bringing out the colour and enjoying the exception!

Discover our resolutely daring “In & Out” selection!

3 icons with no mistakes

Powerful before the eternal, design shapes iconic objects with incredible stories every day, just waiting for one thing: to brighten up your everyday! Historic or future icons, these items are designed to move with the seasons, so it’s time for your favourites to get some fresh air.

Industrial design is an art, but it’s also an alchemical process which Magis has mastered and synthesised wonderfully throughout its history, to carry forward the magic of contemporary design. High-quality functional furniture, it will follow you inside and out, and last for more than just a single lifetime.

❧ Polypropylene, cast aluminium

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The essential Italian design house uses subtle transparencies to present its collections in an eco-responsible plastic that comes in lots of different finishes. Kartell makes good use of technology to offer us furniture that constantly exceeds the limits of our interior design. Multiple versions or multi-spaces, these collections are go-anywhere examples.

❧ Recyclable plastic, 3D moulding, artificial intelligence

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Elementary simplicity characterised by a graphic outline and incredible visual lightness, the Scandinavian design house take on some of the most wonderful creative headliners, like the Bouroullec brothers. The result is collections you can take with you everywhere in that you can use them inside and out.

❧ Recyclable metal, electro-galvanised steel, optimisation of existing metal profiles

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The iconic in and out wishlist

3 colouful brands full of joie de vivre

They look good, they put you in a good mood… inside and out, colours our taking over our spaces! Just a hint or used together, they combine for a contemporary, vibrant result. A sun-yellow for energy, a lilac purple for softness… Each shade adds its own dose of renewal so sought after as the fine weather approaches!

Petite Friture is the unusual name of a young design house born of a little intuition, a smattering of fascination and a lot of conviction! The result is (re)creative and accessible collections, true catalysts of emotion which always leave their mark! Scatter liberally inside and out, for spaces that are full of go!

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Fatboy, the icon… This essential outdoor (as well as indoor) brand needs no introduction! Its (re)creative world has become emblematic of comfortable, accessible design. A fun design that’s constantly renewing itself but whose flagship product, the Original pouffe, wins us over every time…

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A pure Made in France product, Fermob combines design and colour with a very creative eye. As demonstrated by these collections with their unique shapes and colours, which spread a little good humour indoors AND out… In short, a design you’ll love for its creativity, its quality, but above all, its communicative joy!

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The colourful in and out wishlist

2 exceptional styles

Bold and joyful, German-Colombian design house Ames takes us to another place, and in every room in the house. A unique artisanal design, modern lines and a multicultural aesthetic, Ames sets out to renew go-anywhere furniture, to move around to match your desires and the changing seasons.

❧ Galvanised steel, recycled home-braided plastic

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Zeus, already outstanding for its know-how and the quality of its products, takes us out into the garden for solid, durable collections, assembled and welded by hand.

❧ Hand-crafted in Italy
❧ Weather-resistant steel

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The premium in and out wishlist