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Karman are at Made In Design
Karman, an Italian brand with a strong temperament, astonishes and clashes with its refined, trendy and unpredictable creations.
Karman lights have been perfectly drawn and designed with care from high-end range materials and are real objects-sculptures,
centrepieces of a hybrid and original deco.
Perfect the light...
Tobia Collection Tobia Collection
Tobia standard lamps are real poetic and playful sculptures and are perfect to script your indoor and outdoor spaces.
Embellished with a light function, fork, shovel and rake are thus metamorphosed!


> Tobia Collection
Diversion and magic on ceramics
Work in progress Collection Le Trulle Collection
Floral patterns on a design inspired by lamps for minors... Work in progress collection is completely in contrast!

> Work in progress Collection
Le Trulle pendant, Aerial and poetic, gives lighting while playing shadows and light

> Le Trulle Collection
Ali e baba Collection Capodimonte Collection
This extravagant and atypical XXL wall light dresses the walls with its fantastic and dreamlike presence.

> Ali e baba Collection
Both refined and ornamented with floral patterns, Capodimonte collection offers a mix of original and off the wall styles.

> Capodimonte Collection
Déjà-vu Collection Norma M Collection
Inspired by the classic shape of candlesticks and old chandeliers, Déjà-vu wall light offers a delicious mix of styles and eras.

> Déjà-vu Collection
This ceramic standard lamp gives the impression of floating while being anchored to the floor, an original contrast that shakes up our perception!

> Norma M Collection
The Karman bestiary to be adopted!
The Karman bestiary The Karman bestiary
Karman, expert in the art of originality and divergence, surprises and enchants us with its incredible bestiary!

> Discover
The magic of glass
Bacco Collection Braille Collection
Divergence of object and spirit recovery for this unusual and very trendy pendant...

> Bacco Collection
This subtle and refined ornamentation pendant is both simple and complex at the same time.

> Braille Collection
24 Karati Collection
A deliciously retro air for this 24 Karati glass pendant, carved as a precious stone, which combines innovation with brio and hand-crafted tradition.

> 24 Karati Collection
The 21st century chandelier
Karman are at Made In Design
Off the wall and minimalistic reinterpretation of the classic chandelier, Ghebo pendant draws a path of an undulating light in the air. the structure which combines metal and glass is decorated with flower-shaped tassles and precious lampshades in chiselled glass.

> Ghebo Collection
Karman are at Made In Design Au Revoir Collection
Like a chandelier from a Baroque palace, the Snoob pendant is a modern and sculptural reinterpretation of the classic candlestick.

> Snoob Collection
This chandelier with magisterial proportions is a true surrealist sculpture and a spectacular piece of art.

> Au Revoir Collection
The poetry of fibreglass
Plancton Collection Ululi Collection
Plancton pendant uses flibreglass in a very current nature and bohemian spirit.


> Plancton Collection
Evoking terrestrial globe, this white sphere dressed in black lace dresses the space with a feminine and refined presence.


> Ululi Collection
Notre Dame
Notredame Collection Notredame Collection
Concrete in all its forms
The organic and futuristic Notredame wall light presents a complex network of ramifications that evoke a living matter in perpetual growth. The subtlety of the patterns, the richness of the interlacing work are obtained thanks to a complex 3D technology. Notredame is inspired by the light passing through the glass rose windows of the famous Parisian cathedral.

> Notredame Collection
Concrete in all its forms
Construction materials par excellence and moreover very trendy, concrete has inspired Karman's creations for their outdoor light collection...
Gervaso Collection Via Lattea Collection

Gervaso is both a flower pot and a lamp: an original light box for your most beautiful plants!


> Gervaso Collection

Sporting the archetypal shape of a milk can, the Via lattea lamp is a centrepiece of an off the wall and trendy deco!


> Via Lattea Collection
Romeo Collection Domenica Collection
Refined and completely round, the table Romeo lamp reassures with its soothing and monastic presence.


> Romeo Collection
An unusual and surprising sculpture lamp, bordering art and industrial design...

> Domenica Collection
The industrial spirit
Alfred Collection Nando Collection
The sober and modern Alfred standard lamp is completely made of lacquered metal and attaches to the wall.

> Alfred Collection
Nando pendant is an intimate homage to the famous industrialist Italian, Ferdinando Innocenti.

> Nando Collection