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Kartell : Nouvelle Collection
Happy Birthday Componibili!
Kartell is celebrating 50 years of Componibili, the brand's emblematic product and best seller since its launch in 1967! To celebrate this anniversary, new colours - purple, khaki green and petrol blue - are available. A new four part version is also presented, as well as the superb "Smile" version by the talented Fabio Novembre.
Happy Birthday Componibili !
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Generic armchair
The aim was to identify the "generic" character of seats traditionally used in collective spaces, to offer new and interesting added value, both for homes and local communities. The clear lines are as sleek as possible, to get to the very essence of these seats that are part of the collective memory.
Generic, le fauteuil universel à petit prix !
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L'Air du temps
The clock "L'air du Temps" created by Catalan designer Eugeni Quillet, is draped in emptiness and light. The ethereal shape and shiny plastic material lend the clock a certain lightness.
L'Air du temps
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Light Air
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Designed by Italian designer Fabio Novembre, this modern lantern is inspired by the archetypal lines of classic lanterns, while making them sleeker. Easy to carry and light, wireless and completely airtight, it is easy to carry inside and out, and won't mind the rain.
Lampe sans fil Lantern
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Tabouret Eur
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Sir Gio & Blast, a tribute to purity
masterpiece of sculpture, a fascinating and timeless table signed by Phillippe Starck. Fruit of a high-tech manufacturing process, the polycarbonate foot is made in a highly innovative mould that allows you to obtain an extreme resistance with the minimum material. Very aerial, the central foot with its four slender branches is quite solid to support the glass tray with perfect stability. Sir Gio is a homage to light and pure shape.
Sir Gio & Blast, hommage à la pureté
Sir Gio & Blast, hommage à la pureté
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This table is both sophisticated and modern, it stands out due to its superb veined black marble effect oval stoneware top. Noble and refined, the top contrasts with the modern slender metal base.
Multiplo Multiplo
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Largo: an absolutely chic modern sofa!
An absolutely chic modern sofa! „Largo“ sofa is the perfect example of Kartell’s quality and style. It is a combination of an ingenious concept, perfect comfort and ergonomics, and high quality materials. Clean, sleek lines are created by large polyurethane foam cushions on a lacquered steel structure. „Largo” is a masterpiece that will make an elegant statement in your living room while promising delightful moments of relaxation.
Largo, l’essence du confort !
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Evanescent elegance
Seductive and feminine, this incredible lamp is covered in lace from head to toe. The delicacy of the patterns, the richness of the work of interlacing were obtained by a complex industrial process that evokes hand-made hook technique. The richness of the cutting takes on a precious and "handmade" look.
Kabuki fait son spectacle dans les airs…
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Aledin: the news articulated desk lamp
‘Aledin’ by alberto and francesco meda is an LED table lamp whose articulated polycarbonate stand contains two aluminium rods that function as conductors in the place of wires. in the ‘dec’ version, the lamp is designed to decorate interiors and its head features a small, many-sided cone.
lampe de table Aledin TEC
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Kartell Carpets
Motley, rock 'n' roll and unusual... The Kartell style at your feet! Kartell carpets are real works of art for your floors, they are decorated with images of incredible resolution. Made using high resolution printing technology, the decoration is so realistic that they appear to be sculpted in marble!
Kartell Carpets
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Piuma is a revolutionary armchair that was born out of a 2 years research! With a seat barely thinner than a sheet of paper (only 2 mm thick), Piuma is one of the lightest chairs worldwide (2.3 kg), yet extremely resistant! Don’t wait too long to discover this technological feat...
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With the kid's collection, your little ones will not be envious of their elders! For the occasion, some of the brand's greatest best-sellers are back in new versions, with patterns and colours specially designed to brighten up children's rooms!
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