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Kartell: New Collection
To use high quality materials and newest technologies in order to create aesthetically pleasing products has been the aim of the brand Kartell for more than 50 years. Another one is to use the plastic material in a completely innovative way. Among all new arrivals of the season, our favourites are certainly the unbelievable Kabuki Lamp by Ferruccio Laviani, the revolutionary Piuma armchair by Piero Lissoni and the Planet collection by Tokujin Yoshioka.
Evanescent elegance
Seductive and feminine, this incredible lamp is covered in lace from head to toe. The delicacy of the patterns, the richness of the work of interlacing were obtained by a complex industrial process that evokes hand-made hook technique. The richness of the cutting takes on a precious and "handmade" look.
Design: Piero Lissoni.
Kartell : Nouvelle Collection
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Kartell: New Collection
An absolutely chic modern sofa! „Largo“ sofa is the perfect example of Kartell’s quality and style. It is a combination of an ingenious concept, perfect comfort and ergonomics, and high quality materials. Clean, sleek lines are created by large polyurethane foam cushions on a lacquered steel structure. „Largo” is a masterpiece that will make an elegant statement in your living room while promising delightful moments of relaxation.
Kartell: New Collection
Kartell: New Collection
Kids have no reason to envy adults anymore! Kartell launches an entire collection for kids. Some of the Kartell’s bestsellers are back in new versions with cheerful motifs and colours specially designed to furnish children’s rooms!
> Discover the Lou Lou Ghost Children armchair
Kartell: New Collection Kartell: New Collection
This table is very light and easy for kids to move it around: from one place to another, from children’s room to living room... It is their turn now to invite friends for a snack, drawing session or for playing board games! All fans of the icon „FL/Y“ pendant by Kartell are going to love this version with lots of fun motifs ranging from dinosaurs to balloons or stars...
> Discover the Tip Top Children table > Discover the FL/Y KIDS Pendant
Kartell: New Collection Kartell: New Collection
Kartell and the famous Japanese design studio Nendo redesign the classic rocking horse for kids! An Italian car in high quality design - by Kartell and Piero Lissoni! Kids will enjoy riding this small red car so much – and all parents will be envious!
> Discover the H-Horse rocking horse > Discover the Discovolante Toy car
This luminous sphere offers an incredibly beautiful show of reflections. Everything has been carefully studied so that the facets break up and bend the light in an optimal way. The light shines, is then blocked, and thus provides unbelievable kaleidoscopic effects that change according to the angle you look from.
Kartell: New Collection
Kartell: New Collection
Preview: New Success for Kartell!
Piuma is a revolutionary armchair that was born out of a 2 years research! With a seat barely thinner than a sheet of paper (only 2 mm thick), Piuma is one of the lightest chairs worldwide (2.3 kg), yet extremely resistant! Don’t wait too long to discover this technological feat...
Kartell: New Collection
Previous successes of Kartell:
For more than 40 years, Kartell has been constantly innovating and going further and further….
Kartell: New Collection Kartell: New Collection
Unique metallisation process! The biggest one-piece plastic furniture that has ever been made!
This avant-garde metallisation process, developed by Kartell, is a fruit of several years of research.
Plastic becomes noble and sophisticated...
New Ghost Buster and Uncle de Philippe Starck collections! The injection moulding technology, applied to furniture of such dimensions, is an outstanding success.
> Metallised Masters armchair > Ghost Buster chest of drawers
The Tip Top and Glossy icons are back with a glass version
Tip Top Glass Table Glossy Glass Table
> Tip Top Glass Table > Glossy Glass Table
This table in sophisticated and modern look features a beautiful stoneware top which is a perfect and realistic imitation of black marble furrowed by veins. It not only looks but also feels like marble!
Kartell: New Collection
Pleated, braided, sculpted…
Kartell shows us plastic in a way we have never seen it before.
Kartell: New Collection Kartell: New Collection
Kartell: New Collection Kartell: New Collection
A fashion-forward collection
Every year, Mademoiselle is dressed by great creators!
This season, the diva has chosen motifs from the famous fashion house Emilio Pucci…
Kartell: New Collection
A catch On the road to Memphis
Kartell: New Collection Kartell: New Collection
Portrait of an icon
The arrival of plastic materials in the sixties has revolutionised the creative and commercial logic of design. Anna Castelli Ferrieri, a true pioneer, marked a turning point in design history with her “Componibili” storage unit, created in 1968. This small multipurpose piece of furniture; also exhibited in MOMA New-York and Centre Pompidou in Paris, has conquered the entire world.
Kartell: New Collection