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Light point


Light point

The table lamp is coming to our homes and becoming the essential decorative accessory on any table. On a desk, its light plays a major role in helping us concentrate. On a bedside table, its lighting provides the necessary reading comfort to satisfy night owls. While on a dining table, its halo brightens the enthusiasm of shared moments... so it's time to make a (bright) point on illuminating your home with our eclectic selection of trendy lamps!


In bloom at Fontana Arte or a windsock from Foscarini, you’ll love a small lamp with a fun, enigmatic design that stimulates the imagination and arouses our immediate sympathy! Scatter them all around the house... like good humour!

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Fancy treating yourself to a cult decorative object? That’s what you get with these famous table lamps. In original version like the legendary Pipistrello or reissued as with the Type 75 by Paul Smith, your table is just what they’re looking for!
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Notice to all bargain hunters and lovers of beautiful objects! These porcelain-style table lamps with their brass legs will surely find their place on an old solid oak desk or mahogany console...
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All wrapped in natural materials and boasting a sharp design, these table lamps will delight fans of harmonious, sustainable decoration.
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Animals, colours, geometric shapes... these fun, designer table lamps bring a touch of childhood times into your home. A child's light that’s truly dazzling!
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