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Our tips: Light up your outdoor space

What’s the ideal outdoor light? While perfectly chosen lighting emphasizes the architecture of your exterior space, some well-chosen points of outdoor light will add their own stamp and charm to your summer evenings!

Tip 1: Have lots of different points of light

As indoors, it’s good to have numerous direct and indirect light points. Ideal lighting: LED fairy lights along a wall or railings, a wall light on the wall, lights in among the plants to add relief and an extra cordless lamp to light up your summer evenings!

Cordless lamps
The perfect partner for summer evenings

Tip2: Go where you please

You’re free to move about with cordless lamps! Autonomous and rechargeable, they decorate the space to match your mood.

This wireless LED lamp can be moved as you like, both inside and outside! Equipped with a metal handle, it can be hung from a tree branch or turn into a floor lamp by attaching it to the base from the same collection.

Available in 3 sizes: H 25 cm, H 38 cm and new H 13.5 cm in a set of 3

Edison The Petit go-anywhere cordless lamp

Fitted with an LED light source, the Edison lamp is perfect on a table for subdued lighting during your meals.

> Edison LED lamps by Fatboy

Contemporary outdoor lighting
An unusual design for use in the garden

Tip 3: Go-anywhere lamps to light up your table

Like this Space LED by Kartell, you can spread these lamps out on the dining table to add diffuse, subdued light and create a warm atmosphere to get the conversation flowing.

> Space LED table lamp by Kartell

Tip: Some cordless lamps are not designed for outdoor use, but you can take them outside for a meal or a nice summer evening… The use of LEDs means simple recharging that guarantees up to several hours of battery life.

> Everything you need to light up your terrace & garden

Versatile lamps
Flexible collections to stand up, hang or put on a base

Tip 4: Surprise your guests

Plant your outdoor lights around an improvised dining area, introduce a lamp base to make it fully mobile, hang an outdoor light on a tree… the possibilities to surprise your guests by rearranging the space are almost infinite!

Solar lighting
The most ecological

With solar lamps, sunlight is turned into energy and stored in a battery.

If the beginning of the week is sunny and it rains at the end of the week, the stored energy will enable you to use your lamp at the weekend.

With Maiori, solar lighting is just as good as traditional lighting!

Thanks to a latest generation monocrystalline solar panel, some Maiori lamps can reach 300 lumens, which will easily light up your garden.

> Paris and Petite lamps by Maiori

Maiori tip: The removable solar panel!

To facilitate charging, the solar panel on the lampshade can be removed to be placed on a windowsill without having to move the whole lamp!

Durable design!

“Our materials are designed for exterior use. Our lamps are designed using aeronautical aluminium, treated against corrosion. We use Batyline cloth by Serge Ferrari: a favourite durable textile for the garden.”
Javier Serrano, Maiori

> La Lampe Pose solar lamp
by Maiori
> All you need to light up your terraces & garden

Hand lamps
Outdoor lights to wind around a tree or railings

Tip 5: You’ll love the outdoor cafe effect… now that’s got style!

The open-air cafe style is in vogue, and here at Made in Design, it’s reinventing itself. Designer outdoor fairy lights diffuse a magical, friendly atmosphere: you’ll love the LED Vibia fairy lights, which bring a certain cachet to your garden. In its chosen version, the lampie-on, which you can hang up, adds a festive touch that’s always welcome during your summer evenings.

Pendant, floor lamps & wall lamps
The outside designed like the inside

Tip 6: A must-have light sculpture for large gardens

Sculpt your garden with incredible outdoor lighting: ultra-designer floor lamp, XXL volume and light sculpture on a stand will have the desired effect: an essential style for dressing up large outdoor spaces.

The barriers between indoors and outdoors are blurred… Outdoor lamps are available in many styles, the greatest designers are interested in our outsides.

Light bollards to structure the space

Light-up furniture for a modern lounge style