Lumière sur nos lumianires

An illuminating saga

Our lighting in the spotlight

The style signature for any room, lighting is above all a comforting element of day-to-day light. From the living room in need of different lighting points, to the challenging bathroom, we'll guide you through the rooms of your house, helping you to find the perfect lighting for your spaces.

A lounge lit with Forestier - Grass pendant light

Living room
See their faces light up

The heart of the home, this is where you spend precious time with your loved ones. Optimise this versatile ambiance by multiplying the light sources, creating a welcoming living space where furnishings and the space itself are highlighted.

Catch-up spaces

Floor lamps

Projected light

Table lamps

Scatter your furnishings

Floor lamps

Luminous sculptures
Respiro Pendant – DCW Editions

Shining the projector on the kitchen

A new playground for design, the kitchen is claiming its space. Each element becomes a decorative piece in its own right, with the option to be redirected or injected with colour. Lighting adds the sublime touch to staging this gorgeous look. When it comes to island, pendant lights reign. Wall lights and free-standing lamps add gorgeously unique touches around your table settings. Directed light showcases the fruits of your labour.
The choices are countless, yet the lighting is singular.

Everyone in the kitchen

Wall lights

Precise and playful lighting

Pendant light

A soft and warming light

A free-standing

Cordless lamp!
PC Portable lamp, Hay

Dining room
Dining in a new light

Unique yet optimised, stylish yet welcoming… The dining table is the stage for precious, day-to-day moments. Moments for sharing and talking, singular and often brimming with one emotion or another… All illuminated by this selection.

Dinner is served!

Pendant light

Moment of comfort

Free-standing lamp

Affectionate reunions

Floor lamp

Sharing special moments
Geen-a-Floor Lamp, Kartell

Light up the night

Inspiring and creating a wonderful ambiance, lighting takes the lead in the bedroom. It sets the tone and lays the foundations for this most intimate living space. Soft, subtle and charismatic… The perfect combination for dreamy mornings and nights. The choice is yours, with options of minimalist integrated wall lights, a bedside lamp for when you just can't put down that latest book, and even a pendant light, adding the ultimate chic touch to create your very own 4* room.

Under the duvet

Wall lights

The perfect balance

A bedside lamp

Must-have personal touches

Pendant light

Jewels of the night
A bathroom lit with DCW Editions - Tell Me Stories wall light

Bathing in light

Over recent years, the bathroom has become a new space of opportunity for design, becoming a key living space. Prestigious materials, carefully studied lines, precise lighting around mirrors… With the right (and watertight) lighting, the bathroom will become somewhere you can't wait to spend time after a long day!

Your safe haven

Gorgeous wall light

A mirror's best friend

Minimalist pendant light

For maximum effect

Directed light

Ceiling fittings
&Tradition desk - Flowerpot lamp

Bright ideas

As working from home becomes a new norm, the office is getting some personal attention, becoming a mini art gallery, where we display our favourite pieces. As functional as they are stylish, desk lamps can be used to create a unique space that boosts your productivity and which may well light the way for your best work yet!

Making light work of your office space

A free-standing lamp

To develop your ideas

A directed lamp

For studious workers

An icon

For inspiration

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