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April mood

Between heaven and earth

From a play of shadows and lights, a dreamlike universe emerges that design fills with wonder, dotted with daring creations. The paths between fashion and design intersect, the formats of one bringing joy to the other, the arts deconstructed to better enrich themselves. The shade of blue is that of hope, a horizon we have to create from all the images at our disposal to see clearly. Join this virtuous circle which is becoming more accessible, and you’ll see a horizon of beautiful tables to meet up around. Daring but above all inspired, the April mood is rooted in the aesthetic experience in the broadest sense of the term. Everything is connected!



The trend of the moment

an extension of your style

A completely inspiring world. A story of love and influence, haute couture and design find common ramifications: the transcription of trends dedicated to the interior, essential collaborations between the finest brands and designers, fashion boutiques to visit like an apartment or even haute couture patterns that can be found sewn onto furniture… Design at the service of the presentation of fashion and vice versa, it’s grace and know-how serving a 360° art of living, resolutely inseparable.

Be creative

The shade

The fullness of sky blue

Cashmere, sky, azure… blue is tinged with the dreamy colours of a sky we never tire of contemplating. An antidote to the stress of modern life, it’s injected by touches into our decor and furniture for an almost immediate feel-good effect, a window open to the outside full of abundance.

Take inspiration from the season’s colours

A little gem

The Bell chair

Winner of the Archiproducts Design Award 2020, the Bell armchair is the most responsible monoblock ever: made from industrial waste, a recycled polypropylene (from production waste from the Magis factory itself), which can be 100% recycled again after use, it’s made with very little material. Priced at £80, as comfortable inside as it is out, designed by @konstantingrcicdesign for @magis_official, the BELL chair is a must-have you need to get!

Discover the Bell chair


Juliet Casella’s collages

Dadaists, surrealists, collages take us into the utopian imagery of a world to be recreated. The surprise effect lies in the polysemy of its interpretation. Invited to collaborate with Made In Design to illustrate the garden of her creativity, artist Juliet Casella has designed an inspiring, dreamlike painting, building stone by stone a positive imagination that magnifies outdoor spaces. A season freed from current contingencies. Juliet Casella's work recreates reality using the endless flow of the internet.

Garden collages

The micro-trend

The turbulence of tubular design


Ceramic tube

With its linear design, the Kink vase dresses your room with its graphic presence. This folded ceramic tube is reminiscent of industrial pipework.

Full of flowers

One tube

Nice footwork for the Huggy armchair by Maiori! A reinterpretation of the Bistro chair, its tubular curves give the impression of a single-line creation which plays with full and empty!

Nicely rounded

Colourful tube

Modernist inspiration takes hold of tubular metal and colours its structures: a modern result for lines with bare, pure geometry.

Metal in colours

The arrangement

Outdoor lunch
(for the family)

These moments of togetherness are precious, so they need to be perfect: the summer dining room in 2021 will be stylish and well thought out to welcome our loved ones with spontaneity and kindness: lines of modern simplicity, furniture that’s easy to move about, in trendy colours. Add suitable lighting and careful decoration to maximise the "new living room" effect in an atmosphere conducive to passionate discussion.

Let’s eat outside

The flagship collection

RS Barcelona
Plec collection, the art of folding!

Waves of cheerfulness with the Plec coffee tables collection available in a superb palette of bold colours. Through reinterpreting the codes of industrial design, this sculptural base brings a graphic, contemporary dimension to tables that look just as good outside as in! The folds give rise to shadow and light effects, creating surprising chromatic variations that change with the lighting.


The getaway

Matisse – Design with scissors

While waiting for the Pompidou Centre to reopen to admire the retrospective dedicated to Henri Matisse, it’s still possible to discover his work from your sofa by leafing through special books. The ultimate crush for The paper cutouts which chronicles the historical context of the latter stages of his life. A bold colour sculpture in 2D, these cutouts created, at the time, a whole new mode of expression reformulating the traditional antagonism between drawing and colour. A vibrant, harmonious experience!

Exhibition: Comme un roman; Centre Pompidou, Paris, France, 4 February - 4 May 30 2021 - Temporarily closed
Book: Henri Matisse - Les papiers découpés - Dessiner avec des ciseaux chez Taschen

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