Made In Design May mood

May mood

Cool modernism

When dancing on sunny days, the spring air plays out in a harmonious ballad! Modernist heritage and its functional simplicity comes into our spaces to add a new twist to our interior design and play around with it. Thin tubular furniture opens up our interiors to our exteriors in search of cool sophistication. The marriage of eye-catching primary colours rewrites the rule book to usher in joyous folly: now we’re having fun! This plan opens the gaze to a design scene that’s more disruptive than ever with Axel Chay, the pure colours of Valerie Objects, the imagination of Instagram accounts of unparalleled originality. The outside isn’t to be outdone, and water never far away: the relaxation area is arranged on the edges of the swimming pool, and it’s also time for not-so-improvised open-air dance cafes, remote working bathed in sunshine, those long-awaited outdoor reunions, first meetings, new opportunities.


The trend of the moment

Modern heritage

A movement specific to the art of the 20th century, modernism began with the greatest abstract painters such as Mondrian, breathed new life into modern architecture with Le Corbusier and crossed the disciplines between design and craftsmanship with the Bauhaus. What if the delimitation of space and perspective was made by colour? This nonconformist thought has gained ground and continues to bring objects to life with unbridled joie de vivre!


The shade

Pure primary

They spring from space, from an object and sublimate it in the raw. Explosive, vivacious, primary colours make a gentle comeback and resonate like nostalgia. Had they really ever gone? Addictive abstraction palette for the art lover.

Take inspiration from our seasonal colours

A little gem

Axel Chay’s Modulation floor lamp

Like a breath of fresh air. Axel Chay breathes a new look into the creation of furniture and lighting: an appeal by the power of the sculptural. The Modulation floor lamp is one of these examples: its reassuringly round interlocking steel tubes and clover-green colour overflowing with optimism are a pure visual pleasure! The Modulation floor lamp irresistibly attracts attention and stimulates the imagination.

Check out Modulation


Teleworking in the garden

With remote working everywhere, why not take advantage of the vitamin C natural light can give you. A shaded corner, a socket nearby, a boosted connection and you can exercise your brain in peace. As you’ll understand, the office in the new world is taking shape in the open air.

Take it easy

The micro-trend

Check it out!

Happy checks

A rainbow mosaic to surround yourself with innocence, you’ll love these small tiles that adorn &klevering vases!

Tile &klevering

A game of draughts

The checkerboard pattern, as a Memphis, retro expression, is back in the sights of the most wonderful interiors. Hypnotic!

Play with Moooi

Menthol strips

At Marimekko, they extend the tiles, which become pretty, colourful retro strips. A wave of retro mellowness!

Mug Tiiliskivi

The arrangement

At the poolside

Our good advice to make the big splash in the swimming pool memorable! Match your sunbathing with the style of your Riviera paradise: graphic modernity, edgy comfort or even natural chic. Position side tables and footrests in strategic places, arrange a shaded area using well-sized umbrellas and, if you can, set up a dining area not far from the cool water. You’re now ready to enjoy the sweetness of summer!

Relaxation guaranteed

The icon

Logo Valerie Objects Alu chairs

Straight out of a palette of watercolours, Alu chairs by Valerie Objects feature cheerful colours enhanced by incredible sobriety and a perfect balance of geometric shapes. Colour raised to the rank of material gives you the leisure to compose your interior or exterior as a painter does with his canvas. Happy birthday to designers Muller Van Severen, who are celebrating their 10th year of existence!


The flagship collection

Logo Valerie Objects
Week-end collection

Cheerful, colourful and graphic, the Week-End collection brings life to your garden! This aluminium furniture is lightweight, which makes it easy to move around, perfect for creating a modern outdoor living room or nice dining area. Designed by the French studio BrichetZiegler, this work of stripe-like horizontals and verticals emphasises full and empty spaces, affirming the identity of the collection.


The getaway

Insta love

Looking for renewal and inspiration? We’ll share with you some of our favourite Instagram accounts, which contain some real gems!

We’ll start in the imagination of @oursroux according to Benjamin Guedj, 3D master, who designed our Christmas operation in December 2020, and carries us off this summer on a relaxing bed of contentment.

Then, we discover the talent of artist @benoitchalland, who creates a collaboration with Moooi on their latest gems, Hortensia.

We continue with @m.a.r.c.c.o.s.t.a, finder of vintage or emerging design, ultra-prolific, atmospheres we’re burning to have at home.

Finally, let yourself be lulled by the sepia imagination of photographer @romainlaprade, striking shots of daily fulfilment under a scorching sun.