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Muuto: New collection
Muuto is striving to expand the Scandinavian design tradition with new and original perspectives. In fact, name Muuto, inspired by the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective.
Between Poetry and sweetness, Muuto always find a way to surprise us! The collection of the young Danish brand is eclectic and innovative: each piece is unique and reveals the identity of its creator. Let’s bring the new collection inside your home!
Elementary and robust
Handcrafted in pine or solid oak, this robust and simple chair has a functional look, typical of Scandinavian design.
The clear lines highlight the exceptional wood work!
Workshop Chair
> Workshop Chair
To complete the look:
Dining room ambiance
Customized storage
Sober and functional, Compile shelf is made up of 6 trays supported by tubes of two different heights.
You have to arrange them as you see fit to create the storage that suits your needs...
Compile shelf
> Compile shelf
To complete the look :
Office ambiance
The Art of folding
Chic and functional, Folded has mastered the art of folding like none other: this shelf was made in a thin sheet of bent-steel giving rise to multiple functions. Folded is available in three sizes and in a superb shade of soft and sober colours to be coordinated to your heart's content!
Collection of Folded shelves
> Collection of Folded shelves
Mirror, mirror on the wall…
Trendy mirrors made of smoked glass in a lacquered steel frame.
From the side, there is a 3D effect which gives an impression that the mirror “comes out of the wall”.
Muuto: New collection
> Framed Mirror Collection
Nerd Collection
The very original Nerd collection is characterised by an innovative junction of backrest and seat. It uses wood and hand-crafted Scandinavian techniques while becoming emancipated from tradition by way of a design that is modern and of very strong personality...
Nerd Collection
> Nerd Collection
Brilliant lamps
Two small lamps now entering the Muuto catalogue
Muuto: New collection Muuto: New collection
> Lean LED Wall light > Control Table lamp
Opt for Rugs with Ply!
The famous Danish textile designer Margrethe Odgaard shares her contemporary vision traditional weaving.
Hand-weaved from pure virgin wool from New Zelande, FLY rugs offer un subtle play of colours and depths.
Muuto: New collection
> Ply Rugs Collection
Tailor-made solutions
Tailor-made room dividers and storage units… Do you wish you had an interior architect?
Architects from JDS studio have a solution for you!
Muuto: New collection Muuto: New collection
> NEW! Acoustics board
For Large Stacked shelf
> NEW! Stacked Shelf
With door
Muuto: New collection
Muuto: New collection
Innovation & eco-design
Discover a range of chairs with innovative shells that took more than 2 years of research to develop!
4 different types of legs and a selection of coatings - Fiber will fit in any environment.
Muuto: New collection
Muuto: New collection
> Fiber chairs & armchairs: view all
Complete the look
The Dots & Restore: new colours!
Old rose, Yellow mustard, Green cedar… Muuto best-sellers in trendy colours. Love it!
The dots - Muuto Collection Restore - Muuto
> The Dots from £10.00 > Restore from £57.50
The Dots: A new material!
The Dots laiton
The famous collection of Dots hooks have enlarged with the brass version. In the bedroom, in the bathroom or in the entrance, aim for an unequalled chic industrial effect!
> The Dots laiton
New Scandinavian wave!
New generation of Scandinavian designers invert traditional codes of Scandinavian design
Muuto: New collection
Muuto: New collection
A texture that is amazing, soft and full of character for this pendant made from a mixture of bamboo fibers and polypropylene.
The pendant is delivered with a high-quality LED bulb that guarantees a life-light of 10 000 hours!
Grain pendant
> Grain pendant
2017's COLOURS
Muuto: New collection
Muuto: New collection
Muuto: New collection
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Muuto: New collection