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Alessi always has (and always will) relied on the liberating power of limitless creativity. Going beyond norms and conventions, with each collection, the brand brings us fantasy and joy by extending to everyday objects an ultra-recreational range of shapes and colours. Against the backdrop of thoughtful, committed production, Alessi has succeeded in its reliance on artisanal, original production. Inimitable.

Alessi's values

Industrial craftsmanship

Craft industry, cottage industry - two antagonistic terms, like two adversaries, opposites that Alessi has allowed to coexist since 1921. By working with machines, yes, but within an artisanal philosophy where quality takes precedence over quantity and humans are central. Augmented humanity, according to Alberto Alessi, modern intelligence according to us.

Humour and provocation

Collective signature at Alessi, irony is everywhere! It’s the link, however specific to the designer, which connects them all to the brand. A window of freedom where everyone is free to express themselves, especially not taking themselves too seriously, a hint of derision that’s brought to everyday objects. A joyful, (re)creative whirlwind infused into our interiors.

Research laboratory

Research laboratory, design office, development institute… More than most design houses, Alessi pushes the limits of functional design with each new collaboration. The creative possibilities become endless and the boundaries between need and fantasy are gradually blurred to give way to the artistic achievement dreamed of by the public and so sought after by the designer.

Santa Alessi

Magic, fantasy and mischief … the Alessi collections are naturally imbued with the levity of the end-of-year festivities. The legitimacy of collections specially designed for Christmas is therefore unanimous. Mixing precious curiosities and forgotten legends... Deciphering a selection that makes sense and awakens ours, for a magical, inspired Christmas!

An Alessi Christmas

Alessi style

Joyfully designed and resolutely trendy, Alessi increases its collaborations but never loses its identity. A (super)-recognisable style, where humour and function come together and offer us a design tinged with anecdotes and common sense. From the Plissé kettle to the Dédé door stop, via the Bark vase … every interior should display an Alessi piece.

My Alessi piece

New new

Between icons reissued and new must-haves, Alessi never fails to make us love design. We have fun with these new items, ever more eccentric and colourful, which nevertheless retain all the seriousness of these designer objects destined for great success! New icons in the making or stars of the day … forever, the question doesn’t arise.

All the new Alessi products

Alessi in the kitchen

The favourite playground for Alessi creations, the kitchen is reinventing itself under the brand’s mischievous eye! Table companions or culinary teammate … choosing a cutlery set or toaster has never been easier!

Cooking with Alessi
All Alessi pieces


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