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The new Outdoor Comfort

Transform your outdoor space into a place that’s as relaxing and enjoyable as indoors. For the ultimate in comfort, choose plush, inviting sofas and add a lounge touch with comfortable armchairs and pouffes. Finish them off with a few accessories to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere, then choose a few light fittings to mellow out your evenings. All our comfort ideas for you to replicate!

Sofas for lounging around on

Comfort is above all a soft cushioned seat you can curl up in… It can also mean a scattering of cushions to finish off your corner sofa, versatile, big or small. All you have to do is settle down and relax!

Absolute relaxation with our lounge chairs & pouffes

Comfort also means chairs and pouffes that wrap around your body. Wide, low seats are the ideal partners when it’s time to relax. Placed on a terrace, in the garden or by the pool, you can take it easy and bask in the sun…

Rugs, cushions & accessories

Dress your outdoor spaces with simple style! Choose rugs, soft cushions and a few accessories to transform your outdoor space into a welcoming, comfortable and relaxing place to be.

Soft lights for a casual evening

Continue to lounge around when night falls… Choose a few lanterns and lamps to set up or hang garlands of light to brighten up your evening parties and give them a relaxed, cosy feel.