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normann copenhagen New Collection
Verbose, creative and of a high quality, the new Normann Copenhagen collection takes us into a new realm! Whether it has to do with furniture, light or decoration, the brand offers the best of current designs...
Kabino Collection Era Collection
Combining blond wood and colourful metal, Kabino collection is as functional as it is rich in detail... Created in superb materials, Era collection has the timeless elegance of the great classics of design!
Kabino Collection
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Era Collection
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Pouffe circus Collection of Terra coffee tables
The inescapable velvet pouffe from Normann Copenhagen has returned in very current shades of colours. Terrazzo and twisted feet in homage to Italian style. Creativity for inside as well as outside!!
Pouffe circus
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Collection of Terra coffee tables
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The collection is expanding
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For Form, it is all about the detail!
The ergonomic shell that required 3 years of development is connected to a solid wooden base made then assembled by hand by cabinetmakers.
An innovative design that has won the prestigious German Design Award and the 2016 If Design Award for Form!
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Horizon shelf collection Tap Stool Stool
Horizon elegantly combines a wall mirror with a thin shelf. A very light, delicate and mysterious effect... We love this fun version of the classic three-legged stool that mixes walnut wood and polyurethane foam!
Horizon shelf collection
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Tap Stool Stool
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Just Bar stool Newspaper desk
Just stool is the reinterpretation of the curved plywood chair, a great contemporary design classic. Practical, comfortable and discreet, this refined-line desk is also equipped with a small draw!
Just Bar stool
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Newspaper desk
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Amp Chandelier Stage LED light
The baroque silhouette of the traditional chandelier is reinvented in a simple geometric language... Elegant and rotatable, Stage lamp is inspired by professional lighting from the cinema and photography.
Amp Chandelier
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Stage LED light
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Rise wall light Momento table lamp
Playful, this small wall light is composed of a colourful metal lampshade and a natural ash base. Minimal in its lines and equipped with a tactile dimmer, Momento offers a refined version of the classic desk lamp.
Rise wall light
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Momento table lamp
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Little Bird Figurine Lust mirror collection
The adorable Little bird solid oak figurines are back in new sizes and new colours! Delicate, precious and decorated in superb smoky shades, the Lust collection mirrors are inspired by ancient Art Déco windows...
Little Bird Figurine
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Lust mirror collection
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Jet Shelf Normann Copenhagen : Nouvelle Collection
Inspired by aeronautics, the Jet shelf is extremely solid since it was manufactured in extruded aluminium! Very gently, Bliss tea service is characterised by its smooth lines and its matte finish.
Jet Shelf
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Bliss Collection
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New Generation Furniture
Chic and clever, Ace collection offers a whole new approach to do-it-yourself furniture. Inspired by urban lifestyles, Ace was designed to promote space saving and adapt to our nomadic behaviours: portable flat, it can be fitted in the blink of an eye!
Ace Collection from £160
> Ace Collection from £160
Hang on!
"An acrobat is a person that can make physically extraordinary figures without losing balance. It looks as though he could fall at any moment, but he never falls. He defies the law of gravity and leaves his spectator fascinated and surprised." Designer Marc Venot gives us a table lamp that can be adjusted indefinitely... impressive!
Acrobat Lamp / LED
> Acrobat Lamp / LED
Wood in different forms
Block dresser Bau Pendant One Step Up Shelf / Bookcase
> Block dresser > Bau Pendant > One Step Up Shelf / Bookcase
Must-have accessories
Oiseau Shorebird Decoration Nabo Tray / Set of 3 Curve Hook
> Oiseau Shorebird Decoration > Nabo Tray / Set of 3 > Curve Hook