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Pots, plants, planters: islands of greenery for your garden and interior

Pots, plants, planters

Islands of greenery for your garden and interior

Mixing the subtle scent of jasmine and the sparkling pink colours of the four o’clock plant, our outdoor planters and flowerpots filled with beautiful plants add panache to your arrangement. Reviewing the possibilities by balcony spaces, terraces, gardens and interiors, enhanced by the creative, unique touch inspired by nature.

Islands of greenery for the balcony

Small, compact textured pots to collect!

To create a welcoming, green balcony to fully enjoy the sun’s first rays, we focus on creating islands of greenery. Everyone has their own style: a corner for herbs in a compact planter for a minimal, effective look, like you get with HAY, a sophisticated, contemporary effect with Fermob, green plants in a flamboyant, very sophisticated window box. Or a cosy ethnic style with a wild effect: pots of different sizes gathered together, compact hanging planters for an ethnic style, or to gather together to lose yourself in creating a jungle effect to break up the view!

XXL Flowerpot — HAY

Bau Collection — Ferm Living

Terrazza Flowerpot — Fermob

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For terrace and garden

Modern relaxation

Minimal ideas, maximum effect: our terraces take us to another place, the garden draws lines in our imagination, like this Globe vase by AYTM. We like to romanticise it, using the latest materials for a contemporary, sophisticated, assertive style. Metallic black adds to the aesthetics.

Iron Pot — Serax

Hourglass Extra Flowerpot — Ferm Living

Globe Flowerpot — AYTM

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Indoor gardens

All the comfort of nature in your home

Handmade pottery, pretty little pots like those from Marimekko, the trend is to have soft colours for your interior, and a choice of materials that are increasingly easy to live with and move around. Stands and tripods offer different reading levels, stoneware or stone pots create an outdoor effect, and the harmony of floral colours brings out the best of the rest.

Botanique Flowerpot — Bolia

Plant Box Standing flowerpot — Ferm Living

Räsymatto Flowerpot — Marimekko

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Plant beautiful

The essential tools for a truly perfect gardening moment

Planting a garden means sowing happiness. This is also true for gardening itself, a truly cathartic activity where time seems to stand still. Check out our essential gardening accessories — so pretty, you’ll end up spending hours of fun with them Gloves, gardening bags, garden hoses — everything you need to enjoy your planting!

Garden gloves — Garden Glory

String® Outdoor Wall mount — String Furniture

Tiiliskivi Garden bag — Marimekko

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