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3ème démarque
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Lo strano Natale di Seletti

Very much in step with its time, the Italian brand Seletti breathes new life into design and encourages creation at the border between contemporary art and industrial design. At Christmas, you deserve a little humour and fantasy!

Offbeat lighting

"Sculptural objects, on the border where art and design meet, which create a dreamlike world, poetic and fantastic..."

Studio Job

"Rebels and nonconformists, Studio Job's two free electrons unveil their new Blow collection: crazy objects inspired by hyperrealism and Pop Art. »

Collezione Studio Job


"A chic dance hall spirit, a bit retro, always romantic, practical lighting to create soft and intimate atmospheres. "

Invite the greatest designers to your Christmas table

"The table arts, Seletti-style: so many fairy-tale pictures for an offbeat, original and colourful table … or when art comes to dine! "

Toilet Paper

"Still wonderfully nuts, the Italian artists with the magazine Toilet Paper, published by Seletti, take us on a journey through a fantastic Pop world. You’ll love this crazy Lipstick print!"

Collezione Toilet Paper

Mirror, mirror…

"A graphic tribute to Africa’s tribal masks ... These large mirrors give out an impression of strength and power. "

Specchio Tribal

At Christmas, spread the word!

"At Christmas, spread the word with this luminous gold-coated alphabet ... A very trendy "arty" feel! "

Neon Seletti
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