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Seletti: New for 2018

The Toiletpaper
collection is rolling out its latest releases!

The kitsch, provocative and surreal world of Toiletpaper is packed full of exciting, colourful new additions! Prepare for an eyeful!

Toiletpaper cushions

Mouse Lamps
The mice are back!

You’ll love this new version of the cult Mouse lamp! It’s back in mouse grey carrying a nice colourful bulb in its paws…

Seletti picks up the pieces

Unusual, imperfect yet poetic, this collection of dishes is inspired by Kintsugi, a Japanese method of repairing broken porcelain with gold…

Kintsugi collection
Seletti, the unavoidable
Jobby the Cat lamp

For Seletti, the Belgian design duo of Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel has created Jobby the cat: a life-size resin cat lamp that’s disturbingly realistic. Very chic, the cat’s private parts are dressed in gold and serve as a touch dimmer! Under the erect tail, a USB port lets you recharge the lamp.

Survival Boxing System

With its Survival Boxing System collection, the famous ready-to-wear brand Diesel is adding a new twist to first-aid kits and mess tins to turn them into stylised boxes with a vintage, trendy look. A mischievous and quirky reinterpretation: all the boxes are embellished with a message of peace and love.

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