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Top 5 colour trends Spring / Summer 2019

The 5 trendy colors

Fresh, elegant and natural, the spring / summer 2019 colour trend knows how to be both chic and serene in equal measure. Powder blue, mastic, terracotta and cactus green form an irresistible cocktail to combine in a thousand different ways at home or in the garden. Check out these must-have colours for the spring/summer 2019 trend and treat yourself to a well-deserved welcome home!

Lightweight and refined
Powder Blue

Ultra-cool, powder blue emphasises the delicacy of spring colours. In summer, it echoes the blue of the water and the azure sky for an irresistible taste of holidays in the sun… You’ll love this colour full of cheer, freshness and waves of positivity!

Powder blue

Bright and sparkling
The sun yellow colour

No colour is more joyful than yellow! The colour of the sun, warmth and joy, it helps brighten up our world and make it shine. From lemon to mustard and on to spice, in small touches or a total look on a sofa for example, bring light into your home!

Sun yellow

Elegant and plush
Cactus Green

Chic and bewitching, midway between green foliage and dark grey, cactus green dresses the smallest decorative items with ease and does likewise with the most imposing pieces of furniture! An essential colour from the spring-summer 2019 trend that will stay chic and discreet throughout the rest of the year.

Cactus green

Suave and natural

Used in particular by Fermob in its 2019 collection under the name "red ochre", terracotta is a must this season. Ultra-warm, it evokes the clay and terracotta found in the most beautiful resorts of southern Europe.


Serene and universal

Here is an elegant, sober colour that can delicately highlight the primary notes of the spring/summer 2019 trend. But used alone, mastic proves just as interesting: more refined than beige and warmer than white, it helps us create living spaces of great serenity.