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Wood, glass, metal, velvet; for decades, designers have been playing around with noble materials and improving on their natural appearance. Contemporary, trendy and exceptional creations to check out in our table of contents:


Faithful ally of the most stunning interiors, this natural material brings a warm and cosy touch to our interior design. A single mantra: wood, and lots of it!


It has a very soft surface and offers a warm welcome… and is also at the centre of the latest trend! Comfortable and very much in fashion, velvet fabric is what we really want to cosy up to.


Needle-thin legs, galvanised sheet metal body, sylph-like shelf… Metal has it all: use it to give your interior design a boost with an industrial touch!


A play of reflections and transparencies, it lets the light and the years pass through: used discreetly, glass adds space and light.


We’re seeing a real return to power for this material, with marble dressing the rooms of our houses as well as providing some exceptional furniture. Will you give in to the marbled effect?


Dependable value, available in a multitude of colours, leather has numerous advantages: it can stand the test of time and even improve with age.

Mags Soft Straight sofa