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Tables that matters
Let’s eat at the table!
Yes, but which one? Round or square, big or small, wood or steel?
Feed your imagination by browsing our selection of tables.
The latest model or the bestseller: it’s up to you to decide!
Best friends of large gatherings around the table
Table à rallonge Romana Table Big Irony
Beautiful extendable table in solid oak, handcrafted in England by the prestigious Ercol Company. This superb 100% ‘Made in Italy’ phosphated steel table is handmade.
> Romana Extendable Table
> Big Irony Table
Table Fragment Table à rallonge Sushi
The Fragment table has a hynotic effect thanks to its mirrored checkerboard decoration...An outstanding piece of work! This table with perfect lines extends in seconds: a true technological concept often imitated but never equalled.
> Fragment Table
Glas Italia
> Sushi Extendable Table
Table Big Will Table à rallonge Oak
Designed by Philippe Starck, this exceptional table illustrates the famous designer’s sense of fantasy and search for functionality.
This sturdy wooden extendable table has clean, solid lines with a neo-rustic spirit that is family-oriented and great for get-togethers.
> Big Will Table
> Oak Extendable Table
Table Tense Material Table Pyramid n°02
In oak, brass or grey stone, this table impresses with its size and incredible sophistication. An exceptional piece of design! The Pyramid table is an icon of industrial design, both minimalist and functional, designed in 1959 by Wim Rietveld.
> Tense Material Table
MDF Italia
> Pyramid No. 02 Table
Table Ripples Table Tommaso Meteorite
This table with five species of wood requires exceptional craftsmanship combined with advanced technology. A raw, industrial style for this table made of steel and imitation cement, an innovative and ecological material that has the appearance of waxed concrete.
> Ripples Table
> Tommaso Meteorite Table
Table Reale Table Primo
This sculptural table with an Art Nouveau spirit consists of a varnished solid oak structure and a large glass top. The result of excellent craftsmanship in cabinet-making, Primo is distinguished by its top made of Fenix-NTM®, a highly innovative thermo-laminate.
> Reale Table
> Primo Table
Table Split
This handmade table in solid oak has a Scandinavian feel
> Split Table
Table à rallonge Ray Plus Table 55
This superb table is a master class in elegance and pared-back design; it extends in seconds thanks to its two independent extensions measuring 52 cm each. Table 55 by Tolix embodies the modern style of the 1930s and 1950s and commands respect for its sublime sturdiness and great lightness.
> Ray Plus Extendable Table
> Table 55
best friends of small spaces
Table C44 Table XZ3
Designed in the 1950s, this table was very innovative for its time and has a reversible top with black on one side and white on the other. The XZ3 table is a real Magis bestseller characterised by its superb architectural base in steel wire with a copper finish.
> C44 Table
> XZ3 Table
Table Loop Table Sir Gio
We love the graphic design of this table, which is characterised by its very elegant tripod base. This masterpiece of sculpture by Philippe Starck is the result of a high-tech manufacturing process.
> Loop Table
> Sir Gio Table
Table Multiplo outdoor Table à rallonge Drop Leaf
Multiplo stands out for its superb ceramic stoneware top that looks and feels like marble while being much lighter! This solid wood table is an icon of the 1950s and adapts to any situation thanks to its two retractable leaves.
> Multiplo Outdoor Table
> Drop Leaf Extendable Table
The Trestle Option
Paire de tréteaux Mingle Paire de tréteaux Loop
We love the graphic design of this tripod base in lacquered metal. Finally a modern low-key trestle in the shape of a classic easel.
> Mingle Pair of Trestles
Ferm Living
> Loop Pair of Trestles
Functional and practical
Table Copenhague Table Invisible
Designed by the Bouroullec brothers, this table is covered in a very easy-going, innovative laminate.
This table has an ethereal charm and becomes a non-material element that enriches the room with its presence without weighing it down.
> Copenhagen Table
> Invisible Table
Table Mini Tavolo Inox Table Form
A raw, industrial style for this table whose laminated top mimics aged metal very realistically. Stunning trompe l’œil effect!
We’re head over heels for the design of this table, which sits at the intersection of industry and arts and crafts, offering an original mix of materials and colours.
> Stainless Steel Mini Tavolo Table
> Form TABLE
Normann Copenhagen
Guaranteed togetherness!
Table à rallonge Mikado Table S Ovale
Very appealing to look at and 100% Basque-made, this extendable table has it all. This sculptural table in the shape of an ‘S’ has an extraordinary visual effect.
> Mikado Extendable Table
> S Oval Table
MDF Italia
Table Glossy Glass Table Snaregade
The Glossy table consists of an oval glass top combined with a superb chromed steel architectural base. This ultra graphic metal structure in lacquered steel traces stark, geometric shapes.
> Glossy Glass Table
> Snaregade Table
Table Tweed Table Ombree
Asymmetrical, organic and natural, this large table is the result of impressive marquetry workmanship. A wonderful interplay of materials and colour for this ultra original colour-graduated table.
> Tweed Table
> Ombree Table
Table pliante Psiche Table Penrose Fancywood
Calling all collectors, Driade is reissuing this incredible table/Psiche mirror designed by Philippe Starck in 1989. The Fancywood pattern is quite hypnotic, a swirl of marquetry using two woods and exclusively available at Made In Design!
> Psiche Folding Table
> Penrose Fancywood Table
Bazar Therapy
At home anywhere
Table Y&M Table Bellevie
Y&M is an ultra cool 2-in-1 table that is festive and companionable; perfect for get-togethers with friends both indoors and out. At home both inside and out, this large, contemporary family table has it all.
> Table Y&M
> Bellevie Table
Table Officina Table Leaf
Designed by the brothers Bouroullec, Officina delivers a new contemporary language for wrought iron furniture. Original and organic, the oiled triangular bamboo Leaf table takes on the shape of a leaf from a tree.
> Officina Table
> Leaf Table