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Ridge vase by Muuto in terracotta colour


Terracotta in interior design

Terracotta, this baked clay colour with sunny hues, reminds us of houses in southern France, Mediterranean style and hot desert sands. Its mix of dusky pink, orange and deep red creates a colour which is very easy to combine with others. Here is some advice on how to best integrate it into your home and avoid an interior design faux pas.

Terracotta hues: which interior design styles work best?

terracotta vase by Bolia

Actually, the terracotta colour works in almost all interior design styles. For example, you could add it to a modern interior by combining it with bold colours such as wine red or dark blue. If you’re a fan of Scandinavian style, terracotta is ideal because it is enhanced by the soft Nordic colours, wood and other natural materials used in this style. Don’t forget that terracotta is perfect for ethnic, exotic and bohemian styles. Cacti, dusty red vases, cushions, rugs made from natural materials - add a touch of terracotta with these accessories and you’ll feel like you’re in a real Moroccan riad!

Which colours go with terracotta?

Moooi Obon coffee table in terracotta variation

It works best if you combine the terracotta hue with other earthy colours, such as sand, wood and especially with powder pink. However, this colour of the setting sun works with just about anything! If you’re unsure, you don’t have to commit to going all-out terracotta. You could start by just painting one wall terracotta.
Or you could add a few thoughtful decorative touches, such as curtains, a velvet armchair, a pouf or cushions - combined with a beautiful mouse-grey throw on your sofa. Another more subtle approach is to opt for terracotta textiles by adding lighting or small decorative objects in brown, khaki, burgundy or wine red.