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  • How to light up your exterior space
    Make your garden shine with a thousand lights! At the end of the day, reshape its silhouette using our collection of outdoor lights. Trace a path of light towards the house, illuminate your table and garden furniture to perfection, create areas of subdued light to show off your plants… The uses for your outdoor lights are as varied as they are specific. With our special magazine, you can choose the trendy light that suits your needs.
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    How to light up your exterior space

  • Fermob: New Collection
    Charmed? Undeniably! Excited? Obviously! The latest Fermob products live up to our expectations and make us want to fully embrace summer. The brand has some wonderful surprises in store for us: new models, new colours, comfortable and user-friendly.
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    Fermob: New Collection

  • Umeda & Memphis Exhibition
    Umeda & Memphis Exhibition
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    Umeda & Memphis Exhibition

  • Iconic desk lamps
    Providing targeted, glare-free lighting, these iconic desk lamps have stood the test of time while providing that unique touch that sets your office apart from others. With functional desk lamps and small table lamps perfect to brighten up your workspace, a selection of iconic lamps, ideal for working!
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    Iconic desk lamps

  • Design offices: 5 promising desks as we head back to work
    Full of promising discoveries, the return to work this year is stocking up on new ideas! And among them, some designer desks are taking pride of place in redefining space, a hybridisation between the professional and personal sphere. Essential, luxury, durable or flawless… Whatever their names, these 5 desks chosen by our teams create the foundation of a perfect home office to get off on the right foot. Here's why we love these contemporary desks.
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    Design offices: 5 promising desks as we head back to work

  • Designer desks : 10 essentials for a wonderful, functional desk
    The way we work tomorrow is rewriting the way we use space, and it’s now commonplace to give it a special place in our interiors, which have been redesigned for the occasion. A room in its own right or a hybrid space, to accommodate a new professional activity, work remotely in style or simply enjoy a space of your own to store your papers and get creative, a well organised office space provides a prism for your creativity.
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    Designer desks : 10 essentials for a wonderful, functional desk

  • Alessi celebrates its centenary
    Alessi likes to call itself the dream factory… and rightly so. Since 1921, this legendary Italian design brand has collaborated with the most fascinating designers on functional, transgressive items linked to domestic use. Quality takes precedence over industrialisation, while its manufacture, guided by Giovanni and Carlo Alessi, saw its golden age during the 1940s. In 1970, Alberto Alessi changed the design approach and surrounded himself with the greatest designers to create objects that were as functional as they were poetic. This year, we’re celebrating the centenary of this dream factory!
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    Alessi celebrates its centenary

  • Ethnicraft: A refined house inspired by your own story
    Ethnicraft creates welcoming, refined furniture. Furniture made of solid wood, like the beams of a house spanning the history of your life. Mixing craftsmanship and innovation, the founders of the Belgian brand believe in the emotion that comes from a nicely styled house, the choice of noble materials which improve over time, a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A refined lifestyle that reveals the “way of life” of the flat country, and generally of the countries of the north, which we so like to copy. With Ethnicraft, the house that bears the marks of your personal history to date prepares to follow you into the future.
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    Ethnicraft: A refined house inspired by your own story

  • Pots, plants, planters: islands of greenery for your garden and interior
    Mixing the subtle scent of jasmine and the sparkling pink colours of the four o’clock plant, our outdoor planters and flowerpots filled with beautiful plants add panache to your arrangement. Reviewing the possibilities by balcony spaces, terraces, gardens and interiors, enhanced by the creative, unique touch inspired by nature.
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    Pots, plants, planters: islands of greenery for your garden and interior

  • March mood : The dream destination
    The sun climbs higher, the weather turns fine. The garden will definitely be your favourite room in the house. The place for contemplating the spectacle of nature awakening, like a breath of greenery, a dreamlike, floral space that wraps you in contentment. A place of sublime thoughts, of releasing heightened creativity, comfortably relaxing in your garden sofa. March also begins the launch into the festive notes of spring: we catch ourselves dancing, singing and displaying real joie de vivre, brilliantly exhaled in a regressive bubble gum pink. Long live March, welcome to the garden living room.
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    March mood : The dream destination

  • Flos: new collection
    Philippe Starck, Achille Castiglioni, the Bouroullec brothers, Michael Anastassiades... Since 1962, the famous Italian brand has been working with the biggest names in international design and brings together a multitude of icons that belong to the history of design. Here's an overview.
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    Flos: new collection

  • February mood : The house is waking from its slumber
    With its heightened sensitivity, the house exudes unwavering strength. It pushes us to overcome all uncertainties to release an aura of well-being and happiness, far from all the noise outside. A sparkling yellow spreads like a touch of happiness through lively, stimulating rooms. Spaces move and change at will, satisfying our desire to escape by opening onto the interior garden. Spring is slowly emerging, nature blossoms, items catch our interest. February is chilled, mischievous and comfortably voluptuous.
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    February mood : The house is waking from its slumber

  • Essential Christmas
    The Christmas festivities will be one of a kind this year. A Christmas reunion in the intimate surroundings of close family. Full of special moments, it’s a long-awaited enchanted break, where a smaller number of guests means quality moments to enjoy together: back to basics is what it’s all about. We can see this Christmas being all about taking it easy in the comfort of your own home: it’s not just about playing the host for one evening, but a time of decoration, too, of preparing meals together, setting the table with the whole family. A house full of happiness is a reassuring, cocooning place to gather. More authentic, more intimate, special moments to share together: it’s your essential Christmas.
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    Essential Christmas

  • The art of entertaining
    The festive period is approaching with its promise of friendly gatherings over a good dinner. From tableware to lighting and seating choices, take inspiration from our tips on the art of entertaining! But while Made In Design takes care of your interior design needs, it’s up to you to deal with the culinary side of things!
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    The art of entertaining

  • New Artemide Collection
    An icon of excellence and symbol of Italian style and culture for decades, Artemide dialogues with light like no one else. A legend pushing the boundaries of experimentation with materials and technologies, one of the greatest design houses producing breathtaking creations along with the very best of them, both in terms of aesthetics and lighting performance. You’ll find all there is to know about the Artemide legend and what their Human Lights baseline tells us.
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    New Artemide Collection

  • Around the table! Yes, but which one?
    It’s time to sit down and eat! New additions or bestsellers, here’s a range of options to give you time to reflect before choosing the table that best suits your needs. Round or square, mini or maxi, fixed or modular, it’s THE centrepiece of your dining space!
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    Around the table! Yes, but which one?

  • HAY: new for 2020
    Since 2002, HAY has brought excellence and modernity to the heart of the new Scandinavian design wave. From decorative objects to large furniture items, values of simplicity and authenticity inspire its different collections. Products with delicate, joyous notes that are sure to brighten up your interior! Let us show you.
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    HAY: new for 2020

  • Happy place : Interiors take on a new meaning
    If this year has taught us one thing, it’s that you enjoy spending time in a space you love: Arranged nicely and welcoming for all the family. Comfortable and convenient, it reflects your unique personality and is designed to make you feel good. Keep up with these four ultra trendy and inspiring ideas to create your own fashionable happy place!
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    Happy place : Interiors take on a new meaning

  • The new colours from Fermob
    With its Luxembourg and Monceau collections, Fermob is part of the timelessness of lines and the excellence of production. What distinguishes it from the competition and makes it shine internationally is, of course, the colours! Constantly being renewed to perfectly match the trend, to combine them to produce original garden furniture, Fermob colours metal like no one else! You’ll find the Fermob metal colour chart below, available for the 2020 outdoor season.
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    The new colours from Fermob

  • Shelves and bookcases
    Ingenious, poetic and/or iconic, shelves and bookcases are becoming a new space for expression, helping you fill in your space! Check out our top 10 very best creations to liven up your interior!
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    Shelves and bookcases

  • Classic Retro
    Chromed metal is making a comeback to the world of design in 2020! Go for a masculine, minimalist touch to add a note both charismatic and vintage to your interior!
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    Classic Retro

  • Terracotta in interior design
    Terracotta, this baked clay colour with sunny hues, reminds us of houses in southern France, Mediterranean style and hot desert sands. Its mix of dusky pink, orange and deep red creates a colour which is very easy to combine with others. Here is some advice on how to best integrate it into your home and avoid an interior design faux pas.
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    Terracotta in interior design

  • Pictorial design
    This winter, pictorial design is escaping from artists' workshops to cover our interiors with (re)creative nuances. Follow the guide to adopt this light, poetic trend for yourself!
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    Pictorial design

  • Astro Club
    Design and astrology intertwine to offer you allegorical predictions for this new year. So the planets are aligned with Made In Design, and there’s just one question to ask: what do the stars have in store for you?
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    Astro Club

  • HAY: new collection
    Since 2002, HAY has brought excellence and modernity to the heart of the new Scandinavian design wave. From decorative objects to large furniture items, values of simplicity and authenticity inspire its different collections. Products with delicate, joyous notes that are sure to brighten up your interior! Let us show you.
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    HAY: new collection

  • RED Edition
    Since 2006, the Parisian brand Red Edition has been playing with expertise from here and, above all, elsewhere, inspiring bold and elegant collections. The result: pieces of furniture and decorative items with a retro look and modern lines, showcasing a French way of life. Deciphering.
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    RED Edition

  • Alessi: An extraordinary christmas
    Alessi is a true dream factory that leaves nobody indifferent producing “objects-jewels” designed by the biggest names of the design world. Follow ours news and find many ideas for Christmas…
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    Alessi: An extraordinary christmas

  • Christmas is back at Made In Design!
    Christmas is coming and its search for the ideal gift too ... Great news! Made in Design has donned its red velvet coat and is offering you a pre-selection of unforgettable decorative gifts! From low prices to vintage via green power. This year's Christmas preparations are (re)creative thanks to this quality selection. It's time to fill Santa’s sack!
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    Christmas is back at Made In Design!

  • Majestic pendants
    Made in Design is helping you chase the darkness away this autumn with our latest bright ideas: spotlight on our pendants! Often imposing, sometimes minimalist, these exceptional lights add a luxurious designer touch to your home. Be inspired.
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    Majestic pendants

  • Inspiration: Light point
    The table lamp is coming to our homes and becoming the essential decorative accessory on any table. On a desk, its light plays a major role in helping us concentrate. On a bedside table, its lighting provides the necessary reading comfort to satisfy night owls. While on a dining table, its halo brightens the enthusiasm of shared moments... so it's time to make a (bright) point on illuminating your home with our eclectic selection of trendy lamps!
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    Inspiration: Light point

  • The colours of your autumn
    It's not a question of letting your mood darken at the falling of the leaves and the arrival of the cold, quite the opposite, the autumn/winter 2019-2020 trends are all about delight and warmth. From old rose to candied chestnut by way of velvet green, mustard yellow and plum, discover this range of spellbinding colours for a colour match in your interiors.
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    The colours of your autumn

  • Trends: the three syles for autumn 2019
    Each new season brings a breath of fresh inspiration to the world of decoration. Raw, charismatic interiors, nostalgic furniture with a 70-80s pop spirit or rustic chic decoration... Looking back on the three trends that will mark out this new season.
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    Trends: the three syles for autumn 2019

  • 20 years of passion | Twenty products for one collection
    Made In Design is celebrating 20 years through a limited edition of 20 products in collaboration with 20 design companies and designers who have contributed to its success in France and internationally from 1999 to 2019. The ‘pink’ of the brand is available across the products and is repeating its lifelong message ‘life is beautiful’.
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    20 years of passion | Twenty products for one collection

  • Exhibition Eco design
    The Goodmoods design office and Made in Design are giving you the chance to discover a surprising ecological materials library, varied pieces created with new eco-responsible processes and shaped by the conviction of designers who are more committed than ever.An eclectic and ecological selection to discover at Printemps Haussmann from 5th to 13th September 2019.
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    Exhibition Eco design

  • HOUE: new outdoor collection
    Chic and unique, the Houe Scandinavian garden furniture reinvents the art of living in the fresh air. The Houe outdoor furniture sports simple shapes and combines the warmth of natural bamboo with delicate muted colours. Immerse yourself in the Houe collections and succumb to the charm of the clean graphic design on the terrace.
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    HOUE: new outdoor collection

  • Kartell: new collection
    Simple, elegant and modern: the Kartell style runs throughout the new collection presented in Milan, now available at Made in Design. The universality of this promising collection keeps on surprising us. Discover the latest releases from the Kartell collection and an incredible range of iconic contemporary design products.
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    Kartell: new collection

  • Top 5 colour trends Spring / Summer 2019
    Fresh, elegant and natural, the spring / summer 2019 colour trend knows how to be both chic and serene in equal measure. Powder blue, mastic, terracotta and cactus green form an irresistible cocktail to combine in a thousand different ways at home or in the garden. Check out these must-have colours for the spring/summer 2019 trend and treat yourself to a well-deserved welcome home!
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    Top 5 colour trends Spring / Summer 2019

  • Hygge: the art of cocooning
    From the first cold periods, who knows how to cocoon properly better than the Scandinavians? They even invented a word for this: hygge, or the art of taking time for yourself, in the warm! The principle is simple: a soft seat, a gentle light, a cosy blanket, a mug of tea and a moment to savour. Who says that idleness is a crime?
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    Hygge: the art of cocooning

  • Valentines Day: experience love and design
    14 February is fast approaching, and you’re wondering again this year how to please the love of your life? Look no further – you’ll find your perfect gift with Made In Design.
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    Valentines Day: experience love and design

  • Normann Copenhagen: new collection
    Minimalistic and highly refined, the new Normann Copenhagen collection is making a particularly noteworthy entry on the scene! Whether we’re talking about furniture or lighting, the brand is reinventing the aesthetics of Scandinavian design.
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    Normann Copenhagen: new collection

  • Trends 2019
    Dreams of comfort and inspiring new colours are now joined by some perfect new additions. Winter seems far away thanks to these great new products that set the trend: Find out what 2019 has in store: welcome back velvet, antique transforms your house into a museum, smoked, coloured glass has us dreaming of far-off places, lighting rounds things off nicely, while colours are now softer than ever.
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    Trends 2019

  • Table of content
    Wood, glass, metal, velvet; for decades, designers have been playing around with noble materials and improving on their natural appearance. Contemporary, trendy and exceptional creations to check out in our table of contents.
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    Table of content

  • Foscarini: new collection
    From its headquarters in Venice, legendary design house Foscarini has come up with a stunning 2018 collection that awakens our emotions. Light comes alive and reinvents itself in the expert hands of designers such as Ludovica & Roberto Palomba or Andrea Anastasio. Discover what’s new and the mythical collections from an iconic brand.
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    Foscarini: new collection

  • Gubi: new collection
    Legendary designer Gubi has been working since 1967 to reissue iconic pieces of Danish design, while working with new talents who breathe new energy into the brand, ensuring continuity between past and present.
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    Gubi: new collection

  • Fritz Hansen: 60th anniversary
    Notice to collectors! To mark the 60th anniversary of the legendary Egg, Drop and Swan collections, created in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen, the Danish designer Fritz Hansen is offering some special editions, numbered and limited to just 1958 examples! Will you be one of the lucky owners of these future collectors’ items?
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    Fritz Hansen: 60th anniversary

  • Welcome Amsterdam
    In recent years, the Netherlands have been the source of a huge wave of renewal in contemporary design and creation. Reinvented materials, fun creations, reappropriated objects: Dutch designers are blurring the boundaries between art and design and bringing into our homes a world both bold and nostalgic, provocative but so endearing...
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    Welcome Amsterdam

  • Armchairs, Mirrors, Pouffes...
    Armchairs, Mirrors, Pouffes...
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    Armchairs, Mirrors, Pouffes...

  • Tom Dixon: new collection
    Talented and avant-gardist, the designer Tom Dixon has the "material" know-how and skill to surprise us. Contemporary craftsmanship and noble materials: his creations celebrate the revival of Art Déco. Discover his world and his innovative projects.
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    Tom Dixon: new collection

  • Ferm living: new collection
    Ferm living celebrates this year its 10th anniversary! The famous Scandinavian brand has a new great collection with furniture items. We specially love the pierce metal bookshelf Punctual. Follow the guide…
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    Ferm living: new collection

  • Tables that matters
    Yes, but which one? Round or square, big or small, wood or steel? Feed your imagination by browsing our selection of tables. The latest model or the bestseller: it’s up to you to decide!
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    Tables that matters

  • Zeus Industrial Chic
    With 30 years of innovations, Zeus is more than ever a must-have brand in the design world. This Italian brand, a truly creative laboratory, puts steel and craftsmanship at the heart of its collection. The founder Maurizio Peregalli creates, in collaboration with other famous designers as for example Ron Arad or Massimiliano Fuksas, authentic and almost entirely hand-made furniture.
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    Zeus Industrial Chic

  • Room by room
    Room by room
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    Room by room

  • Small spaces, big ideas!
    An easygoing and budget-friendly design for all those who wish to remain free! Check out our range of furniture that adapts to the relentless pace of new generations.
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    Small spaces, big ideas!

  • Muuto: new collection
    Muuto is striving to expand the Scandinavian design tradition with new and original perspectives. In fact, name Muuto, inspired by the Finnish word muutos, means new perspective.
    Between Poetry and sweetness, Muuto always find a way to surprise us! The collection of the young Danish brand is eclectic and innovative: each piece is unique and reveals the identity of its creator. Let’s bring the new collection inside your home!
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    Muuto: new collection

  • Weiner GTV: new Collection
    It was in the 1860s Michael Thonet and his 5 sons designed their first curved-wooden furniture. Robust and timeless, they have since become designer icons! In addition to the historical creations, WIENER GTV DESIGN is continually expanding its collection with audacious novelties signed by the greatest international designers. Enter the legend...
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    Weiner GTV: new Collection

  • Karman are at Made In Design
    Karman, an Italian brand with a strong temperament, astonishes and clashes with its refined, trendy and unpredictable creations. Karman lights have been perfectly drawn and designed with care from high-end range materials and are real objects-sculptures, centrepieces of a hybrid and original deco.
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    Karman are at Made In Design

  • Fermob: how to play with colours
    The 23 Fermob colours offer endless combinations! In total look or small touches... it's up to you to compose the universe that looks like you. Find the inspiration by browsing our special file...
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    Fermob: how to play with colours

  • Getaway Design
    This weekend, we are going to take you on a getaway across Europe alongside the current biggest publishing houses. Each brand has chosen a specific destination to present its new collection to us! Discover how these excellent pieces of design take part in the local charm and feel the powerful scent of holiday that emanates from it... So, are you ready?
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    Getaway Design

  • Outdoor What’s New?
    Outdoor What’s New?
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    Outdoor What’s New?

  • House Doctor: new collection
    A Danish brand founded in 1999, House Doctor offers a wide range of furniture and home accessories. Very good quality objects, mainly made in Denmark and sold at very reasonable prices. From an unparalleled chic and favouring natural materials, the new collection House Doctor is extraordinary... And, good news, it is already available at Made In Design!
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    House Doctor: new collection

  • 5 trends in the air
    To each his garden secret... In the field of outdoors, there is something for every taste and style! Fermob, Maiori, Houe, Artemide or even Magis give us collections that meet all the needs of lovers of open air life. Discover our dossier and compose an outdoor space that looks like you!d ognuno il suo giardino segreto... Per l’esterno, ce n’é per tutti i gusti e gli stili! Fermob, Maiori, Houe, Artemide, Magis e molti altri ci offrono collezioni che soddisfano le aspettative di tutti gli amanti della vita all’aria aperta. Scopri la nostra selezione per arredare l’esterno ideale per voi!
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    5 trends in the air

  • 4 key editors, 4 italian design
    Although the Milan furniture show is in full swing, we were interested in these pretigious publishing houses that have made Italy THE country of design par excellence! From the uncontested expertise of plastic at Kartell’s through to Driade’s arty anticonformist spirit or even the extreme delicateness of Moroso’s creations; discover these brands which hold high the values of design in an Italian style!
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    4 key editors, 4 italian design

  • Terraces and Balconies: small spaces, big ideas
    Terrases & balconies - the new living area! Since a few square metres are enough to completely make the most of your exterior, Made In Design is offering you a selection of 100% small spaces. Discover a multitude of ideas to create a custom-made haven of peace. Adjustable and multifunctional: the furniture can be folded to meet your needs and exploit the smallest of corners.
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    Terraces and Balconies: small spaces, big ideas

  • Summer Livingroom
    It’s time to go out! Create a true haven of peace in the sun. Armchair, coffe table, light, sofa… Something to restyle your terraces and gardens and give life to your outdoor space where it is good to live.
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    Summer Livingroom

  • Milan Show 2017 : Indispensable designers
    The Milan Furniture Show is now open. For this occasion, we have prepared a selection of the most striking personalities from this edition for you. Designers from all walks of life, whose extreme sensibility gives the tone of a show expected to be rich in amazement!
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    Milan Show 2017 : Indispensable designers

  • Emu : Spring / Summer 2017
    Emu, made in Italy! A Dolce Vita atmosphere describes this relaxed collection which celebrates a sunny lifestyle. To make the most of the beautiful sunny days, you won’t be able to resist these new products and welll known icons, created by some of the biggest names in the design world.
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    Emu : Spring / Summer 2017

  • Eva Solo: Spring / Summer
    it has just arrived! The news Eva solo's collection is now on made in design! All you need to cook in your garden and spend time with friends and family. Your favourite scandinavian brand has created all you need!
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    Eva Solo: Spring / Summer

  • Enlighten your sweet summer evenings
    This week, our team has selected the latest outdoor fashionable lights that will meet all of your needs.
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    Enlighten your sweet summer evenings

  • Kartell : Novelties & report
    A few days ago the famous Milan Furniture Show was held. The biggest publishers from all over the world was there to present their latest novelties. Among the key pieces of the edition, some are already at Made In Design. Follow the guide! Good news, several Kartell novelties are already available at Made In design. Make the most of it, delivery is offered* for the entire brand with the code KARTELL-mid17!
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    Kartell : Novelties & report

  • Made in England
    Today is the opening of the Maison & Objet show in Paris and this year an exceptonal exposition puts 6 young English designers in the spotlight. We are using this opportunity to have you discover or rediscover the great designers of British design.
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    Made in England

  • Eva Solo: New Collection
    Enter into the design legend Eva Solo. With more than 150 international distinctions, our favourite one-hundred-year-old brand keeps revolutionising our everyday life!
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    Eva Solo: New Collection

  • Best of 2016
    Chairs, pendants, decoration, coffee tables …. What are your favourite products? See our selection below and start the year with nice furniture!
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    Best of 2016

  • Ibride : New collection
    This collection is produced in the French Ibride studio, the Manta armchair is made of compact laminate and a weatherproof material that can withstand the test of time.
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    Ibride : New collection

  • Woud : The new Scandinavian brand
    Summer is coming and you might want to go in southern countries. But these novelties are coming from the north! Let’s discover the new items on made in design and a new Scandinavian brand : Wood. Follow the guide …
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    Woud : The new Scandinavian brand

  • Menu : The 2016 collection
    Each Menu creation gives something different, a new function, a striking detail,… The Danish brand gets prizes and rewards all over the world. Between Scandinavian heritage and democratization of design Menu find its balance. Gets inspiration in the new 2016 collection. Follow the guide!
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    Menu : The 2016 collection

  • String system / Spring cleaning : refresh your interior
    Made for the Bonnnier’s bookshelf competition in 1949, this shelving system created by Nils Strinning won it, and the same year String was created. At this period, no one already knew that he has just created an icon! String was an instant success and became one of the sweden’s best-loved bookshelves. There is several reasons of this success : it is a simple, easy to transport, easy to assemble, quickly repositioned, multiple combination, can be extended in all directions and affordable.
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    String system / Spring cleaning : refresh your interior

  • Magis new collection 2016
    This Year Magis celebrates 40 years of design made in Italy. To celebrate it Made in design introduces to you the new in! The brand as created a lot of wonderful new items as the Milà Armchair!
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    Magis new collection 2016

  • Kartell Spring / Summer Collection 2016
    New materials, new visuals and aesthetics effects, Kartell wins all the challenges and gives us the chance to discover the plastic in a new and totally unexpected aspects. Discover all the reasons to wild about Kartell collection. Follow the guide
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    Kartell Spring / Summer Collection 2016