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  • Happy Anniversary TOLIX
    Toaday is a celebration day, quoting Chantal Andriot, president of Tolix : « We are celebrating an icon, a silent hero, an archetype: “Chaise A” is turning 80 and we want to honor this galvanized piece of history appropriately. » For this exceptional anniversary Made in Design offers you a 15%* discount on all A chair model until 20th September.
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    Happy Anniversary TOLIX

  • Seletti : Collection 2015
    (R)evolution is Seletti. Created in 1964 by Romano and Maria Seletti, this brand has unremittingly put professionalism, service and above all research & development into each and every one of their products. Don’t miss the new collection that will enlighten your home !Seletti : Collection 2015
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    Seletti : Collection 2015

  • 4 bright and open-air balconies
    Just a few square metres is enough to make the most of your outdoors. Made in Design offers you a multitude of ideas that will optimize small spaces. Be inspired by browsing our special scandinavian selection. Follow the guide….
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    4 bright and open-air balconies

  • Cool Summer
    Dive into the Scandinavian wave this Summer ! Discover the best products from our Nordic brands: Hay, Muuto, Normann Copenhagen and more! Follow the guide !
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    Cool Summer

  • Magis : Spring/Summer 2015
    Since 1976 Magis has become a giant design laboratory that entrusts creative international designers to carry out diversified production through the flexibility that comes from an emphasis on R&D within a “factory free” framework. The Italian brand Magis brings a breath of fresh with its new eclectic creations.
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    Magis : Spring/Summer 2015

  • Discover our 7 ideas
    To make the most of the sunny days, take your pick from some of the new products by the greatest brands, the future stars of your summer 2015. A multitude of styles, shapes and colours so you can create the outdoors of your dreams. Follow the guide…
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    Discover our 7 ideas

  • 5 affordable trends
    Fill your homes with our affordable price selection! 5 different styles that offer you a huge choice of creations…
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    5 affordable trends

  • Milan Exhibition 2015 : Our team's favourites
    Benvenuti a Milano! It’s with a lot of enthusiasm that the Made in Design team arrived at the Milan Exhibition. Plenty of surprises : The exhibition was full of new creative projects. We can’t resist any longer in showing you the newest most interesting products.
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    Milan Exhibition 2015 : Our team's favourites

  • Emu - Spring/Summer 2015
    Emu, made in Italy! A Dolce Vita atmosphere describes this relaxed collection which celebrates a sunny lifestyle. To make the most of the beautiful sunny days, you won’t be able to resist these new products and welll known icons, created by some of the biggest names in the design world.
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    Emu - Spring/Summer 2015

  • Iconic Summer
    This summer, the icons will be shinning through! Choose from our large selection of products and create your own design world.
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    Iconic Summer

  • French Riviera
    Let´s head down to the French Riviera! Romantic, authentic and baroque, this destination is the place to be this Summer… Follow the guide!
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    French Riviera

  • Green Living
    Tired of the winter weather? Spring is on it’s away: From balconies to living rooms, adopt the green attitude! Plants can invade the tinest of places, have fun with the iconic designs in thier different shades of green.
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    Green Living

  • Which pocket are you?
    The Pocket String shelf keeps on inspiring stylists! It will reveal any hidden personality! And you, which Pocket are you ?
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    Which pocket are you?

  • TOG : AllCreatorsTOGether
    During the Milan show in April 2014, a new protagonist made a strong appearance in the world of Design: TOG (AllCreatorsTOGether). Created by Philippe Starck and Alexandre Grendene, this new French-Brazilian publisher allows a great deal of freedom. The manufacturing is 100% Made in Italy!
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    TOG : AllCreatorsTOGether

  • Muuto : New collection
    Muuto never ceases to amaze us! The new collection of the young Danish brand is innovative, sophisticated and heteroclite: Each piece is unique and reveals its designer’s world and identity. Discover the latest products that were seen at the Maison & Objet exhibition.
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    Muuto : New collection

  • LAME D’EAU : Philippe Starck
    LAME D’EAU : Genuine must have, ‘La lame d’eau’ this water carafe was made in collaboration between Philippe Starck, ‘la fondation France Libertés of Danielle Mitterrand and Made in Design.
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    LAME D’EAU : Philippe Starck

  • Philippe starck x made in design : 15 years of passion shared together
    Philippe Starck loves challenges. For the last 30 years, this designer and architect has always been more than original. Wih his tireless and generous inventions, Starck always has the following in mind: all creations must make everyday life easier for as many people as possible. Through his concept of "democratic design", Starck was the first with these ideas when at the time, design was classed as elite. A vision that has been shared with Made in Design for the last 15 years that has now turned into the launch of the "Lame d’Eau" a symbolic product that manifests the importance of water.
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    Philippe starck x made in design : 15 years of passion shared together

  • Trendbook 2015: 6 fashionable ideas
    Discover the homes decoration of tomorrow! Return to basics, a mixture of different cultures and unique beauty… Various trends to create an outstanding and remarkable decor.
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    Trendbook 2015: 6 fashionable ideas

  • Muuto : New collection
    Between poetry and sweetness, Muuto never ceases to amaze us! The new collection by the young Danish brand is artistic, accurate and innovative: every creation is unique and reveals the designer’s universe and identity. The ‘New Nordic Design’ is up and running!
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    Muuto : New collection

  • London, The other capital of Design
    Building upon the success of the « London Design Festival », the English capital is becoming the place to be in the world of Design. Discover all the products designed by the greatest English designers!
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    London, The other capital of Design

  • Tom Dixon : New Collection
    Sir Tom Dixon! Talented and creative this self-made designer never ceases to amaze us. His creations are passionate and just beautiful! Discover his universe and innovative projects
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    Tom Dixon : New Collection

  • Normann Copenhagen : New collection
    Dive in at the heart of the new Scandinavian wave with the new Normann Copenhagen collection! Since 1999, the brand makes original and authentic creations. More than just one style, Normann Copenhagen knows how to create products that combine esthetics and practicality with a constant search for the best value for money. Follow the guide…
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    Normann Copenhagen : New collection

  • Private visit …
    Private visit : Hartô, Moustache, Hay, Fermob and Driade !
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    Private visit …

  • Frandsen : New collection
    In the 70s, the Danish designer Benny Frandsen established his company called Frandsen Lighting. He became successful very soon after with the famous ball lamp which he created in 1969. As a symbol of the seventies, this round lamp in coloured metal became a cult object of Scandinavian design. Besides the well known vintage and iconic lamps, Frandsen is working with the young creators of Scandinavian design. Discover, without further delay, all the new Frandsen products!
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    Frandsen : New collection

  • Upfront Vintage : Fifties’ spirit
    Discover or rediscover all these vintage products.
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    Upfront Vintage : Fifties’ spirit

  • Muuto : Best sellers
    Muuto has become one of the greatest contemporary reference in the Design world. It’s nordic style and the ingenuity of young designers have contributed to it’s success by combining simplicity, practicality and creativity. Discover the sneak preview of the Soft Blocks, the new asymmetrical sofa as well as the rest of the collection.
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    Muuto : Best sellers

  • Fermob : Colorful Summer
    Available in lots of different colours, Fermob offers you many combination ideas! Urban, retro or boheme, create your own atmosphere by mixing together collections and favourite colours. Follow the guide!
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    Fermob : Colorful Summer


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