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Design updates

  • The Fermob' season
    You will definitely be seduced by Fermob's new collection: New colours, comfort and conviviality. Enjoy this summer with Fermob.
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    The Fermob' season

  • Feminine design
    On this special day Made in design pays tribute to all the feminine designers. Discover the creative universe of all of these extraordinary women. Strong personalities like Greta Magnusson Grossman or Charlotte Perriand, and the talented new generation such as Trine Andersen or Constance Guisset.
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    Feminine design

  • Season colours : This years colours
    Discover the star colours of this season! Already very fashionable last summer, the pastel colours are back. The purple tones, in particular the orchid mauve, really are the stars of this season, just like grey which has become the new black!
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    Season colours : This years colours

  • Black on white
    Zoom on black & white trend : balanced contrast for a wise harmony of opposites, black and white decoration evokes Andrée Putman's elegance and scandinavian style. Pure white and deep black : an astonishing mix for a very chic decoration.
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    Black on white

  • Summer Design Days: Colourful Summer
    This week we feel like put some colour everywhere. White, orange, green, blue… our best-sellers are available to satisfy all your need of creativity and freedom and allow you to create a colourful decoration!
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    Summer Design Days: Colourful Summer

  • We are all Fermob fans!
    We are all Fermob fans! Its cozy, colourful and cheerfull furniture offers a breath of fresh air to our terraces and gardens. It’s time to treat yourself, Made In Design proposes more than 300 Fermob products available on stock delivered to your home or your holiday residence!
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    We are all Fermob fans!

  • Louis Poulsen: Scandinavian design icon lamps for over 70 years
    Enter the legend! The catalog of the Danish publisher Louis Poulsen lighting includes all iconic Scandinavian design such as the AJ'' collection of Arne Jacobsen's and many other masterpieces displayed in the most prestigious museums in the world.
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    Louis Poulsen: Scandinavian design icon lamps for over 70 years

  • Alessi : New  2013 Spring/Summer collection
    Plenty of new creations signed by the greatest designers: Eero Aarnio, Jasper Morrisson, Marcel Wanders…. The famous Italian company never stop to expand his creative horizons by asking each year the cooperation of new talents such as the danish Jakob Wagner who signed Pick Up, a very ingenious coffee table. Timer, baskets or pencil sharpener: all the new Alessi products are characterized by design, functionality and vivacity.
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    Alessi : New 2013 Spring/Summer collection

  • Bohemian atmosphere
    Inspiration is everywhere. The bohemian spirit enters our home sweet home! Ethnic and colourful style, objects full of history and emotions… A wind of freedom and poetry blows on design.
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    Bohemian atmosphere

  • Custom Hooks & Coat stands
    Custom Hooks & Coat stands - Discover our selection
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    Custom Hooks & Coat stands

  • Discover Marimekko collection now available on Made in Design!
    Since the 60s, Marimekko style can be recognized at first glance: a joyous explosion of bright colours and bold graphics! Founded in 1951, the famous Finnish brand distinguished from the beginning by a mindset, a lifestyle based on creativity, freedom of spirit and inventiveness. Its fame goes back to 1960, the year in which Jackie Kennedy made several public appearances in Marimekko designed clothes. The brand has subsequently experienced a huge success, which continues today, with a range of decorative accessories for a house full of inspiration.
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    Discover Marimekko collection now available on Made in Design!

  • Our “green design” selection
    The urban garden is getting more and more trendy! This success is the result of a new generation of designers who offer us an unexpected and poetic way to display our plants!
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    Our “green design” selection

  • Summer lounge
    Discover our special “Summer lounge” selection and express your creativity. Sofas, chairs, tables, lamps… Outdoor spaces are transformed into relaxation places favorable to long chat with family and friends.
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    Summer lounge

  • Muuto what’s new?
    A breath of freshness blows on Scandinavian design! Pastel tones for the new Muuto collection. Light green, candy pink ... succumb to the charm of these delicate & soft colours! Discover now the new products of your favorite Scandinavian brand!
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    Muuto what’s new?

  • A cheerful and colourful world with Koziol new products
    A festival of colours for a summer under the sign of happiness and pleasure. From the kitchen to the garden discover plenty of accessories that combine humor and functionality.
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    A cheerful and colourful world with Koziol new products

  • Top season chairs
    Revised editions, contemporary creations, new icons of Scandinavian design… Our experts made a selection of all the chairs that you can't miss. It's time to change decoration? Don't hesitate to mix styles and materials!
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    Top season chairs

  • Hurry up, 15% off just for one day! 2013 colour trends.
    It's time to discover this season's chosen colors! Already favored last summer and back by popular demand, the pastel palette is definitely this spring's crowd pleaser. Furniture, lighting and accessories are embellished with these soft and subdued tones that will bathe this year's spring with warmth. Green tones and most notably emerald green (voted color of the year by the Pantone Institute) are clearly the stars of the upcoming 2012/2013 season, as well as greys, warmer substitutes to black, that can be mixed with much more ease to complementary hues.
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    Hurry up, 15% off just for one day! 2013 colour trends.

  • Timeless chic: Discover these immortal design collections!
    Casually Scandinavian, classic Italian or French chic... Elegance has no limit. We have discovered theses collections for you from all around the world, that serves as the cornerstones of your interior. Timeless and essential, these creations are made to persist...
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    Timeless chic: Discover these immortal design collections!

  • what’s new in the lighting world?
    Baroque, Scandinavian, industrial….the greatest lighting brands affirm their personality through inspiring rich collections. Made in design presents all the news products of your favorite lighting brand: Flos, Moooi, Tom Dixon… now available!
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    what’s new in the lighting world?

  • Enter the inspiring world of Ferm Living
    Founded in 2005, the young Danish brand Ferm Living is the new wave of Scandinavian design. Founder and designer of the brand, Trine Andersen, creates products following Nordic design style, where quality and nature are inseparable. Intensely colorful, printed pattern,cotton mesh in a "knitting"... The creations of Ferm Living are full of inspirations.
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    Enter the inspiring world of Ferm Living

  • Adopt a blond
    Natural, cosy and timeless... the blond wood has it all. Whether beech, ash or oak, this wood warms up our interiors and brings softness and harmony. Our designers decline it with delight! Made in Design helps you find out the ideal blond by offering the crème de la crème.
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    Adopt a blond

  • Hay - Muuto
    Discover all the new products that Muuto and Hay presented during the last furniture trade show in Paris! No need to introduce these major actors of the international design scene constantly breaking new grounds and developing Scandinavian traditional design in a new and original context. Once more their new range of products mixes creativity and functionality, in the Scandinavian way!
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    Hay - Muuto

  • Discover Flos
    The lighting collection from the famous Italian brand Flos brings together a number of icons which are already part of the design history. Created in 1962, the company Flos started working with designers such as the Castiglioni brothers.
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    Discover Flos

  • French Touch
    Highlight on the brands Moustache, Ibride, Domestic, Tsé-Tsé and L’Atelier d’Exercices whose original collections didn’t go unnoticed at the last international exhibitions !
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    French Touch

  • (R)EVOLUTION is the only solution with Seletti !
    Seletti takes you into a unique and fascinating world ! Entirely in phase with today's world, the Italian brand brings life into Design ! Original and unusual, discover the new Seletti collections !
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    (R)EVOLUTION is the only solution with Seletti !

  • Forestier
    At the last Maison & Objet exhibition we fell in love with the Forestier’s light collection. Created in 1992, this French company is undergoing a revival with Jean Dominique Leze.
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  • Northern Lighting : Highlights on this new Scandinavian collection
    The Norwegian Northern Lighting company now offers us lamps which work as "moodmakers": creators of a good atmosphere. The designers are inspired by Scandinavian nature, from the particular light which we find in this in this culture and from the Scandinavian society. The poetic and often unusual lamps by Northern Lighting reflect the young spirit of the new wave of the Scandinavian design.
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    Northern Lighting : Highlights on this new Scandinavian collection

  • Modularity Trend / Deconstruction Trend
    Check out our special feature on shelves and bookcases. Two trends will be highlighted this season: on one side, the deconstructed bookshelves that contrast with ordinary linear and strict shapes, and on the other side, adjustable shelves offering boundless possibilities.
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    Modularity Trend / Deconstruction Trend

  • Colorama-Fermob
    Fermob’s 23 colours offer a plethora of possibilities! With a single colour or with a mix, it is up to you to compose your world. Browse through our 6 different colour atmospheres: design, rétro, Bohème/Arty, Océan, Méditerranée… and choose your style!
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  • A colourful summer with Leonardo
    Leonardo provides a festival of vibrant colours this summer that will be enough to get you a good mood! On your wrist, on the table or in your garden... colour will be everywhere! Enough choice for future gift ideas.
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    A colourful summer with Leonardo


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