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Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like a barbecue with friends and family. So why let such a special occasion go untouched by designer flair? With our selection of high quality and high style BBQ designs and BBQ accessories, you can make your summertime get-togethers even more memorable. We have a range of practical and impressive charcoal grills, so you can enjoy cooking in an environment where functionality and chic combine. When your barbecue looks as good as these solutions from top brands like Extremis, you'll be the talk of the town. With our accessories to help make a chef out of you, there's a high chance your charcoal cuisine will look as good as your barbecue!

A brazier is the perfect centrepiece for your urban campfires. Let the dancing flames mesmerise you and your guests well into the night. We have some stunning interpretations of the timeless fire pit for all budgets. The affordable Fire Globe brazier from Eva Solo brings a sleek element to the fire. This black, tall, enamelled steel structure accentuates the flames within, and acts as a wind shield. Extend the summer and let it bring heat to chilly evenings. The Qrater Brazier from Extremis is crafted from beautiful weathering steel, giving it a golden hue and allowing it to be left outside all year without any damage. All that's needed is some campfire stories and starry nights to fully enjoy this sculptural brazier. We have items for all tastes and budgets, so make the most of our wide range of top designer equipment.