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We have a stunning range of quality chairs and high armchairs that will complement and make comfortable any garden or patio, no matter how compact. We stock select models from Europe's most fashionable interior designers, offering something for all budgets. Plastic and metal are the favourite materials for all-weather, durable garden chairs from top creators such as Fermob and Emu, but you can find wood, textile and stone too. Stackable, sexy and as strong as they are good-looking, these chairs and high armchairs will transform even a humdrum area into a chic and unique zone.


We love the glossy, raw steel A Chair from Tolix, an iconic model at the apex of industrial style. A favourite among artists since 1934 and welded from sheet metal, it guarantees unfailing durability and enduring glamour. If something more feminine is your thing, check out the sensual Masters Stackable garden armchair, brought to you by Kartell. Gold, slender and made from shining metallic ABS, its wistful twists and turns belie its generous ergonomic considerations. For a more affordable designer chair, Emu's Arc en Ciel is a great example. Available in sand, matte sky blue, or shining aluminium, this patio chair and its matching table are great space-saving solutions. Our designers aren't famous just for their artistic eye for detail, top quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship, but because they have studied and implemented the secrets to comfort too. Make the most of our wide selection of chairs and high armchairs and you and your guests will also appreciate the careful marriage of aesthetics and relaxation our products offer.