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Browse our selection of luxury garden parasols and find the best match to complement and complete your outdoor space. A parasol is a hallmark of summer, though sometimes its usefulness lies in protecting from the rain as well as the sun! Our designer parasols not only bring a touch of beauty and style to any garden but protect from the elements too – perfect for those outdoor gatherings. We have some stunning parasols and garden umbrellas on offer, from top brands such as Fatboy and Sywawa. Choose from floaty, vintage styles, oriental-inspired designs, avant-garde items or funky and bold patterns. Whatever your taste, we're bound to have something that will inspire your senses. We also stock additional items to make your parasol stand out even more, such as adjustable height bars, multifunctional pots for the base, as well as parasol lamps to create ambient lighting after dark.


Our parasols are not just parasols. They're innovative, light-enhancing, fabric-dancing, eye-catching pieces of modern art. Take the pretty Shadylace by Drood Design, complete with decorative bird perched atop and stencil-cut fabric which allows the dappled light to shine through. This is where design and nature complement each other. If something a bit more urban is your thing, then Stripesol might be the parasolfor you. Fitted with a wind gauge, its striped fabric is mould-resilient, waterproof and anti-dirt; convenient and perfect for festivals. Whatever your style, budget or occasion, you're bound to find your perfect parasol from the top designers we have on offer.  You can be lounging beneath some seriously stylish shade before too long.

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