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Discover our selection of the best outdoor poufs and cushions that will brighten up your daily life with their daring elegance and wrap you up in well-being and softness. Indoors or out, designer decorative pillows come in many different shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, and all with the best choice of fabrics. Outdoor poufs and cushions take on various shapes and functions that you’ll adore!

Plaids, seat cushions, outdoor poufs, outdoor floor cushions, sofa extensions, lounge-style extra poufs ... these are all derivatives and options to provide you with comfort in all circumstances in many different styles. Our favourite, the Cocoon suspended chair is a hybrid model that’s totally unique! This ergonomic, curve-shaped chaise longue allows a swinging movement, with all the well-being a richly deserved moment’s rest entails.

The wide choice of materials lets you get closer to the style of your room or use them to create a style for an outdoor atmosphere: wood for a warm, cosy effect, plastic a bit futuristic, or metallic for a vintage or contemporary look.

The largest design houses are coming to your home to provide relaxation, a new experience and a feast for your eyes: Fermob, Fatboy, Emu and plenty more besides. Don’t delay - discover them today and reinvent your indoor and outdoor furniture in a way that works for you!