Blue christmas Bauble glass blue / Blown glass - Alessi

Variation :  Soldier

Designer :  LPWKAntonio Aricò



Product detail

  • Type : Bauble
  • Colour : Blue - White
  • Material : Glass
  • Dimensions : Ø 10 x H 11 cm
  • Weight : 0.33 lb
  • Characteristics : Bauble to be hung or positioned - Has a small flat base - Hand-crafted
  • Country of Manufacture : China


A dreamlike atmosphere, with tales of Christmas clothed in blue. Designed by Antonio Aricò for LPWK, the Blue Christmas collection will give your Christmas tree, windows and festive tables a fairy-tale feel. Magnificent hand-painted decorations crafted from blown glass. Every item is unique. They create both a sophisticated and wonderfully ethereal ambience. Each tells a wonderful story: a love...

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