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Cubodrago Bauble - / Hand-painted blown glass - Alessi


Brand : Alessi

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Product detail

  • Type : Bauble
  • Colour : Multicoulered
  • Material : (Glass)
  • Dimensions : 9 x 4 cm x H 7.2 cm
  • Weight : 0.66 lb
  • Characteristics : Hand-painted Christmas bauble - Cube shape
  • Country of Manufacture : Italy

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A magical, traditional, unusual Christmas with Alessi! From the abundant creativity of Massimo Giacon and Marcello Jori is born the "Le Palle Quadrate" (Square Balls) collection of Christmas baubles. The two designers revisit these classic decorations by giving free rein to their very personal imaginations. Halfway between an old-fashioned toy and a video game character, the "square balls" revisit classic Christmas decorations with a touch of irony. And it's a series of appealing characters that emerge: smiling, colourful and square, they’re perfect for decorating the Christmas tree, a corner of the house or the festive table in an unconventional, fun way. Palle Quadrate Christmas baubles are made of hand-blown glass inside a mould and decorated by hand. In 2021, the Palle Quadrate collection welcomes six new characters: Sunflake, a curious "sun flake", Mooncube, an unusual square moon, Snowray, a radiant snowflake, Cubomago, a little magician with a long blue robe dotted with stars, Cubicorn, an unusual unicorn with a rainbow mane, and Cubodrago, a small green fire-breathing dragon. Designers Massimo Giacon and Marcello Jori: "When it occurred to us to offer square Christmas baubles, we looked at each other and said: "No one ever thought of it?? Impossible! ’So, we scrupulously started to look everywhere. Sure enough, there were a few square decorations, but nowhere in the world could we find anything like what we’d just designed. It sounded like the egg of Columbus anecdote... What if there was some insurmountable technical problem? We couldn't have made them happen even in our wildest dreams! And so welcome to the world, Palle Quadrate! Toys that are somewhat old, a bit vintage, a bit of video game faces.''

In detail:
  • Variation : Cubodrago

  • Brand : Alessi

  • Designer : Marcello Jori - Massimo Giacon

  • Type : Bauble

  • Colour : Multicoulered

  • Material : Hand-painted blown glass

  • Dimensions : 9 x 4 cm x H 7.2 cm
  • Weight : 0.66 lb
  • Characteristics : Hand-painted Christmas bauble - Cube shape
  • Country of Manufacture : Italy

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