Kai Adjustable bar stool metal white natural wood Pivoting wood seat - Lapalma

Variation :  Blanched oak

Designer :  Shin Azumi



Product detail

  • Type : Adjustable bar stool, Bar chair
  • Colour : White oak
  • Material : Metal, Wood
  • Dimensions : W 37 cm x D 44 cm - Seat height : 54 cm / 79 cm - Total height : 75 cm / 100 cm
  • Weight : 26.4 lb
  • Characteristics : Height adjustable seat
  • Country of Manufacture : Italy
eco design


Playing with paper, was the start of this project. If you fold a piece of paper you get a crisp edge, and if you bend it you get a gentle but tensioned curvature. I tried to fix the beauty of this natural phenomena as a chair. The name, KAI, is a Japanese word. Its pronunciation can be interpreted in several different meanings: KAI can be a "seashell". The oppositional two elliptical lines...

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