Mr Haussmann Ceiling light - Plaster Ø 82 cm - Exclusivity - Compagnie

Variation :  White

Designer :  Jean-François Bellemère



Product detail

  • Type : Ceiling light
  • Colour : White
  • Material : Ceramic
  • Dimensions : Ø 82 cm - Adjustable height: min. 20 cm / max. 100 cm
  • Weight : 39.6 lb
  • Characteristics : Exclusivity - LABEL VIA 2011 - Fixation system included: 3 adjustable height cables - Included bulb: round fluorescent tube 55 W
  • Country of Manufacture : France
eco design


This incredible plaster ceiling light looks like one of the ceiling roses that ornament the very chic ceilings of Hausmannian apartments. Jean-François Bellemère’s wish was to “reintroduce the nice elements of the past by diverting their use”. The classic rose, if a light source is put behind, can be transformed into an ultra modern lamp... Mr Haussmann, a true masterpiece, takes us into an...

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