T12 Rectangular table wood white Rectangular - 250 x 95 cm - Hay

Variation :  White - 250 x 95 cm

Designer :  Hay Studio



Product detail

  • Type : Rectangular table
  • Colour : White
  • Material : Wood
  • Dimensions : L 250 cm x W 95 cm x H 74 cm
  • Weight : 99 lb
  • Country of Manufacture : Denmark
eco design


T12 stands for Table 12. The number 12 refers to the curvature on the frame and table top which all have a 12 mm radius. Initially the designers behind the table were inspired by the first version of the iPod which was square but the softly curved edges made it pleasant to touch. To add softness to the square table the edges were designed with strong roundings of 12 mm - after that the rest...

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