Tresors Placemat plastic material brown green beige / Vinyl - Beaumont

Variation :  Leopard / Green & beige

Designer :  Studio Blonde Attitude



Product detail

  • Type : Placemat
  • Colour : Beige - Green
  • Material : Plastic material
  • Dimensions : 45 x 33 cm
  • Weight : 0.55 lb
  • Characteristics : French design and manufacture - Washable, easy care - Non-slip and waterproof - Resistant to water and stains - Excellent flatness and good dimensional stability - Suitable for outdoor use (anti-UV finish)
  • Country of Manufacture : France
eco design


Nature is a treasure we need to cherish. Surround yourself with precious, delicate patterns that remind us of lush nature. Combined with dark tones, these patterns are the perfect ornament of a chic and subtly original decor. Easy to look after, this vinyl table set (PVC) is easy to clean: it has nothing to fear from crumbs, water, stains or UV, and is ideal for outdoor use. A clever blend...

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