Yuan Parnasse Plate plastic material multicoloured / Set of 4 - Ibride

Variation :  Grey / Grey & yellow motifs (Parnassus)

Designer :  Benoît ConversRachel Convers



Product detail

  • Type : Plate
  • Colour : Grey - Yellow
  • Material : Plastic material
  • Dimensions : Ø 25 cm
  • Weight : 0.88 lb
  • Characteristics : Set of 4 plates with different patterns – Dishwasher-safe - Not microwave-friendly
  • Country of Manufacture : Thailand



This set consists of 4 melamine plates which are real paintings with their lyrical graphics. Placed next to each other, they tell a wonderful story. The sublime illustrations take us on a stroll next to nature through a park of frozen faces. The "Parnassus" motifs capture the fragility of worked stone. Robust statues with generous curves, immortal presences the vegetation slowly colonises,...

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