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During your visit on our "" website, cookies are stored on your computer, smartphone and touchscreen tablet.

Made in design uses cookies so that, when you browse the site, you have all the features you need to provide a better user experience. We use the cookies to identify you, access your account, manage the security of your order, manage your shopping basket with the items you want to buy, remember the pages you visit and offer you content that is tailored to you.

This page will allow you to understand and visualise the different cookies we use. We provide details about what they do and we also tell you how you can manage or edit the settings of your cookies.


A Cookie is a file that will be placed on your computer during your visit to the Made in Design website. This file will contain data that is used to identify you on our site, manage your basket, ensure the security of your order and offer you personalised content.

In your computer, cookies are managed by your web browser.


The MADE IN DESIGN cookies

These are cookies deposited on your device by MADE IN DESIGN, which allow you to browse the site with all the features we offer.

Third-party cookies

These cookies are deposited by third-party companies (which may be advertising agencies or partners) to identify your favourite products and allow you to quickly view the most interesting products for you, on or off our website.

They are saved in your device when you browse our site or when you click on one of our personalised advertising banners.

We have no control over the cookies used by advertising agencies, which act on their own behalf.


This part will allow you to better understand how our cookies and their utilities work. We have categorised them as essential cookies (Cookies that are essential for the site to function), analytical cookies (cookies used to manage performance and improve our operations), functional cookies (cookies that are used to offer you functions dedicated to your user experience), advertising cookies (cookies that are used to offer you content tailored to your centres of interest), the cookies of the Made in design application (cookies that we use to offer you tailored services), social network cookies and transaction security cookies.

The cookies that are essential to make the Made in design site function

The essential cookies will allow you to browse the Made in design site with minimal input, so that you are identified on the website, your basket is displayed and the security of your order is guaranteed. The "essential cookies" for using our site:

_cid Purchase tunnel security
Frontend, frontend_cid, persistent_shopping_cart, mid_r Session used to make the connection, display the basket
call_already_made Allows you to browse faster

These are mainly MADE IN DESIGN cookies.

Analytical cookies

These cookies may be used to identify the use of our site in order to optimise your shopping experience, e.g. the most frequently viewed pages, searches of users in the Made in Design engine, etc.

These are mainly MADE IN DESIGN cookies.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies allow us to personalise your experience on our site by offering you personalised products, find out your preferences in terms of articles, themes, universes. They are also used to identify you as a business customer, chat with the B2B service, generate personalised content and offer you surveys and prize competitions.

Functional cookies are deposited by MADE IN DESIGN.

The main "functional cookies" that we use:

Cbar_bc_3290, cbar_lvt, cbar_sess, cbar_sess_pv, cbar_uid Personalisation and product recommendation
Customer_group Recognition of the customer typology
Midpro Professional customer identification
19912190chat-exist Identifying the b2b chat session
__olapicU User content builder
Poll Survey and prize competitions

Advertising cookies

Advertising cookies are used to give you personalised information according to your preferences. They can also provide information when you browse the internet. They are normally used to limit the advertising information that you will have to view on the internet.

These cookies are not essential for browsing the Made in design website. However, refusing advertising cookies will not stop you from being exposed to advertising.

It will stop you from being exposed to ads based on your preferences and interests. These cookies are mainly third-party cookies.

They mainly depend on the advertising agencies. We list the most common ones on the Made in design site.

Tluid, d10, uid, anj, uuid2, tdcpm, CfP, JEB2, CMDD, CMID, CMPRO, CMPS, CMRUM3, CMSC, CMST, eid, IDE, id, NID, LIG_U18, lijit, KRTBCOOKIE, khaos, put, iab, pid, cm, TapAd, tuuid,um Personalised display of banner ads off site.

We may use some advanced targeting functions such as "retargeting" (posting advertising outside our site following the viewing of products on our site). These functions using cookies are offered by partners to show you advertisements related to your recent browsing on our site. You can stop the targeting at any time by refusing advertising cookies in your browser or using the advertising preference managers offered by the partners.

Cookies related to the application

MADE IN DESIGN uses cookies and similar tracking technologies on the use of its application. We use these to better identify your interests and customise our services.

When you install the Made in design application, we use cookies to obtain information about your use of the application or your phone. This information allows us to offer you services tailored to you.

Depending on the operating system, you can disable these cookies by going to the settings of your phone that are used to manage the applications.

Social network cookies

Social network cookies allow you to share your images, pages and content via third-party social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Google, Instagram).

For more information on the use of your personal data in relation to the social networks, you can consult the privacy policies of the third-party social networks concerned.

Transaction security cookies

The transactional security cookies of Made in Design or the service providers acting on its behalf may deposit cookies or record information from your terminal (technical information). The latter is used to recognise your equipment (computer, smartphone, touchscreen tablet) so that we can identify your device and ensure the security of the transactions (fraud prevention). By continuing your purchases on our site without configuring the collection of your identifiers on your device, you agree to the collection of this information and the creation of the identifier.


The configuration of your web browser

The setting for accepting and storing cookies or refusing them is in your web browser.

Bear in mind that if you systematically refuse cookies, the quality of your browsing experience on our website is liable to drop.

If your browser is configured to refuse all cookies, you will not be able to make purchases or take advantage of some key features of our site, such as storing items in your basket or receiving personalised recommendations.

You will find details on how to manage or prevent the storing of cookies below:

The configuration varies according to each browser. It is described in the help menu of your browser and is used to change your cookie preferences.