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Fruit baskets

Put on your best fruity display with a designer fruit basket

There's a reason that bowls of fruit have featured in the still-life paintings of famous artists for centuries. A beautiful bowl of fruit, or basket of fresh bread, is a beautiful sight in any home. Made in Design can help you with the bowl – you source the fruit and bread! On our site you'll find top names like Koziol and Stelton, showcasing a variety of styles for you to find your favourite from. Choose from a range of materials: metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, stone, textile and cane. Go for something quirky and avant-garde, sculptural, classical, natural or playful – whatever reflects your character and your home.


Beautiful fruit baskets at prices to suit all pockets

Cutting-edge design is our passion, and we believe that fabulous design items should be affordable too. That's why we have an eclectic mix of baskets and bowls at a range of prices. Take the Babell XS Presentation dish by Koziol, a sleek, multi-tiered, art-deco dish at a very modest price. Made from modern polypropylene, this eye-catching item comes in white, burgundy, raspberry, coral green and purple. If you like the trend for using textile, check out the Bread Bag bread basket by Stelton. This round cotton bag can be unfolded to fit long baguettes and comes in gorgeous blends of colour, such as grey and saffron, black and sand, and classical white and black. These are just a couple of examples of the gorgeous baskets and bowls we have, brought to you from the leading design studios of Europe.

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