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Designer coffee mugs: add uniqueness to your home

When it comes to furnishing your house, we believe that tableware can effortlessly enhance the style to your home. And what’s better than a designer coffee mug to add uniqueness to your kitchen and dining area? The Made in Design website has a wide selection of designer coffee mugs, making it the perfect place for finding one that suits you.


Give yourself a gift by choosing a designer coffee mug

Thanks to Made in Design you can treat yourself with that designer coffee mug you’ve always wanted. Our filtering system will let you select your product by designer, so you can find your perfect mug easily.


Modern tea cups for a modern tableware setup

We believe that you can only truly enjoy your tea when it is served in an original and beautiful teacup. So why not have a look at Made in Design’s extended range of modern teacups? Find the product of your dreams by selecting the colour, the brand or even the material of teacup.


Impress your friends and family with Made in Design modern teacups

Having a cup of tea with friends and family is something that everybody loves. At Made in Design, we think your friends and family deserve the best service possible! For that, we have a wide selection of modern teacups for you to choose from so that you can host a tea party to remember.