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Trays for the whole house

Trays are a must-have item in every house – whether it is something to serve food and drinks to your guests on, to keep your jewellery on, or simply as a decorative coffee table item. However, while they are extremely useful, their aesthetic value, and ability to transform a room, is often forgotten. At Made in Design, we have all kinds of trays to suit every taste and budget, so why not check out the range today? You are sure to be amazed by the range of colours, shapes and designs, with everything from floral to ultra-sophisticated portrait designs.


Spruce up your dining experience with our serving trays

Delicious food is just one half of what you need for an unforgettable dining experience – it is vitally important that your table looks good too. At Made in Design, we have some very unique and one-of-a-kind trays perfect for giving your guests something gorgeous to look at while they feast. For example, Ibride is a really exciting brand that helps bring 18th century style art right onto your dining table. Their oval-shaped serving trays, which are heat and water resistant and made in France, feature elegantly painted animals dressed in traditional aristocratic costume. There are several designs to choose from – pick a few and add some instant class to your table!


Class up your living space with wooden trays from top designers

We also have a great many wooden trays whose chief selling point is versatility here at Made in Design, like the Fat Tray by Alessi. A bamboo piece divided into two parts, it gives you the choice of keeping plates, cutlery, cups, or indeed extra food on the inside, while the removable top part doubles as a lid and a beautiful wooden tray for serving. It is perfect for a picnic, or for afternoon tea in your living room.

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