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Designer outdoor coffee tables have become the flagship garden furniture because they create a friendly environment and can be used in all types of spaces. Our selection includes modern outdoor coffee tables of all styles and designs, as well as more accessible creations, but always original designer pieces. We offer a wide selection of designer garden coffee tables. You’re sure to find the one that suits your tastes.

On a bright terrace or in a garden room, add some originality with the Heaven coffee table from Emu, in steel and glass, with its soft, sinuous lines. The Kissino luminous coffee table by Driade is another bold work that brings energy and light to your garden during summer parties under the stars.

Scandinavian-style outside coffee tables are still very much on trend. Proof of this is the Skanör coffee table by Skargaarden in solid teak. Practical, aesthetic and sober, it has nothing to fear from sun or bad weather.

Other interesting trends include the success of wire coffee tables in steel with a sober and refined style that blend harmoniously with all types of decor.