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Add a touch of character to your home with our range of contemporary stools. Our unique and eye-catching low stools add a splash of colour to any living room and are lightweight and perfect for moving around the home as a spare chair for busy homes. We’ve got wooden stools, ceramic stools and more plus comfy seat cushions to decorate your home.

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Perfect stools for your perfect interior

Adopt the perfect look for your rooms with the wide range of stools proposed by Made in Design. You can choose to match your stool design to the rest of your designer furniture or to contrast it effectively with the set of colours or items of your rooms. Our wide selection offers the opportunity to pick the most perfect and most suitable branded stools for your living place.


Modern stools to let design in your home

From the “Tam Tam Chromé Stool” by Branex Design to the “Varnished raw steel Stool” by Tolix or from the “Cubo Luminous low stool” by Slide to “the Gnome Attila table” by Kartell, Made in Design makes sure to provide various modern stools which can fit any of your taste. We partner with talented and well-known designers to give you the finest and the most modern. Easily moveable and available in different materials, you can easily change where you place your stool. Blend effortlessly into your living place with the solid, durable and modern accessories offered by the well-reputed and qualified brands selected by Made in Design to match every unique personality. Let Made in Design rekindle and renew your modern spirit for a refined, cosy and comfortable living place.