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Bowls and salad bowls

Bowls and salad bowls for healthier living in style

Nothing classes up your table quite like a gorgeous selection of serving bowls and salad bowls, whether you are entertaining for important company, or just having a regular family dinner. Here at Made in Design, we are proud to offer some truly fantastic bowls for salads, soups, desserts, fruit and nuts, odds and ends – a selection to spruce up any dining table.


Bowls and salad bowls by top designers

There is something very nice about serving a colourful salad in a transparent bowl – your guests can see the many shades of your creation before they tuck in. So check out our selection today, starting with the Optic Salade Bowl by Leonardo – a gorgeous piece of glassware that will help make your food even more enticing.


Colourful bowls and salad bowls

The bowls and salad bowls you use to serve your food are just as important to the overall dining experience as the food itself. Using a really colourful bowl to serve great food is a treat for the senses – take a look at the Origo bowl by Iitalla. Made of porcelain, and completely safe in the microwave and dishwasher, this colourful, award-winning bowl will work for everything from cereal to salad or pasta.


Simple serving bowls and dishes

Sometimes less is more, particularly if the food served is colourful to begin with. If you are shopping for serving bowls that are plainer but no less gorgeous, look no further than the Dressed Small Dish by Alessi – a small, white, porcelain dish. Pieces such as this one will add a certain quiet elegance to your dining table, and are simply perfect for serving all your favourite side dishes.


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