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Eco Design

Respecting, innovating, saving, recycling, upcycling, staying local, changing everything, etc. Made In Design is committed to envisaging a design that is more respectful of the environment and humans: Eco Design.

The human, expertise, natural materials, respectful production methods, closeness and the ‘local’ are taking back their place at the heart of the creative approach. Made in design is highlighting numerous approaches which exist and open up the bounds of possibility.

Life is beautiful when it is in harmony with the earth and its environment. It is important for us to defend and carry the message of design which takes responsibility.
Catherine Colin, Founder of Made In Design

The Eco Design brands

Good & MojoGood & Mojo

The Eco Design showcase

Our Eco Design exhibition

Made in design & Goodmoods are following the green path of responsible design.

Discover our ecological, surprising material library, varied items created with new eco-responsible processes and shaped by the convictions of designers that are more committed than ever.

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