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Pick out the perfect designer office chair to suit your professional home office or study. Our selection of desk chairs includes swivel chairs and padded armchairs, so there’s something for every floor type. Find designer desk chairs from brands like Fritz Hansen, Magis and Muuto in a colour and size to suit any office space.

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Luxury office chairs for any business

At Made in Design, we spend a lot of time working on our computers, so we totally understand that sitting well is a major element of job satisfaction. Luxury office chairs are the best to work efficiently since you will feel great and relaxed. A designer office chair to reveal who you are too- we express ourselves with our design choices.


A designer office chair to reveal who you are

Your office should reflect your personality and your ambition. Thanks to our wide range of designer office chairs, you will find the one that will be perfect for you, the one that will make you feel special. You deserve a very luxury office chairs, so get inspired by our exclusive range.


You deserve a very luxury office chairs

How many hours do we spend a day on our office chair? Way too many. With one of our top of the range luxury office chairs, you’ll be at comfort while you work. All our chairs have been crafted with the best materials such as quality leather, luxurious textiles and premium plastics. They come in many colours so you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Looking for the trendiest designer office chair?

Your office job might be a mental challenge, but it shouldn’t be a physical one too. All workers should take care of their backs. Whether you’re looking for a padded, stackable or swivel armchair, our options are extensive and you’re sure to find the trendiest designer office chairs- all with your health in mind. We carry many items from the best designers: Arne Jacbsen, Hee Welling, or Jean-Marie Massaud.