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Designer home decor for every room

Bring colour and shape into your life with Made in Design! The right piece of modern home decor transforms your house into a cosy home. An individual design with selected objects and personal keepsakes turn spartan-looking furniture into a tranquil home environment. You can create an intimate atmosphere to feel comfortable and relax in. Designer home decor gives your space that certain something extra. It’s not just for your living and sleeping areas. Do not underestimate the effect of your own interior design. Even somewhat neglected spaces like the hallway or bathroom can be transformed with suitable decor into inviting spaces where you feel welcomed and want to stay in. Your guests enter the hallway first. By creating a pleasant atmosphere, your guests will instantly feel at ease. And a relaxing bath on a Sunday will be a more enjoyable experience in an elegantly designed setting. Discover the huge range of exclusive contemporary home decor pieces we have on offer on our website. Be wowed by our designer home decor collection in a diverse range of styles and designs, which are always in stock for you.


Create your own feel-good atmosphere with your design

A comfortable sofa already ensures a cosy atmosphere. Perfect the overall look with contemporary home accessories that match your cosy furniture pieces. Personalising your space is more than just adding photos of your loved ones and memories of past holidays. By adding designer home decor pieces, you can show off your own style, let your creativity shine and create a homely atmosphere. Whether you want to add soft furnishings such as decorative cushions, fancy vase or colourful candles holders: our extensive range will help you add that stylish touch to your home. We offer you the opportunity to find the right decorative accessories for your indoor and outdoor spaces, to suit your personal taste. Design your home exactly as you want it and look forward to coming home to your cosy space after a long day at work. Forget design conventions and let your imagination run wild.


A plethora of design possibilities – even in small spaces

Rugs, mirrors and room dividers are more than just a means to an end. As design elements, they give rooms their own special charm. They also allow people who live in smaller homes to take advantage of the space available. The clever use of different decorations hides the lack of size. Your gaze is naturally drawn to the most beautiful corners of the rooms. Use your decorative highlights to set the tone. Play with shapes, colours and light effects. People are always inspired by the effect these elements create. Indoor plants add a touch of green to your space. They clean the air and are a great way to bring nature into your home. Plants also have a calming effect. Whether they’re hanging plants, on the windowsill or a tall, sculptural plant on the floor – fresh greenery mixes up your design and adds more contrast. By adding your own decorative touches, you can create a unique design with perfectly placed eye-catching pieces. Your very own work of art that you can change at any time. Get inspired by our huge range of creative, fanciful and modern home decor pieces.