Dressed Kitchen cupboard metal 24 pieces - Alessi

Variation :  Mirror - 24 pieces

Designer :  Marcel Wanders

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Product detail

  • Type : Kitchen cupboard
  • Colour : Glossy metal
  • Material : Metal
  • Weight : 13.2 lb
  • Characteristics : Composition of the set : 6 table spoons, 6 table knives, 6 table forks, 6 coffee spoons - Relief decoration on each piece - Gift packaging
  • Country of Manufacture : Vietnam



"Marcel Wanders, about the ""Dressed"" collection: ""May I invite you at my table, let me serve you food and wine, let me get my special plates, my long legged crystals, my shiny silverware. Because today is a special day, because today the sun came up, because today the air filled our lungs with endless amounts of air, because today children were born from happy parents, and because today...

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