Ladrillos Sino Shelf plastic material green Base - Magis

Variation :  Sino module - Dark Green

Designer :  Javier Mariscal



Product detail

  • Type : Shelf
  • Colour : Dark green
  • Material : Plastic material
  • Dimensions : L 34 x W 23 x H 40 cm
  • Weight : 15.84 lb
  • Characteristics : Nut & stem of fixage in steel (included)
  • Country of Manufacture : Italy
eco design


Ladrillos is a modulable shelve with funny imaginary personages. Eccentric and colored, they insert themselves between the plateaus of the shelf, forming thus a funny family of statues to the aztec paces. The tray are splitted to the center in order to allow to set up decorative units. Ladrillos Sino is the basic unit to all shelf, the others modulate are stackable., In order to make your...

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